Cucumbers "Emerald City": features of the variety

Cucumbers "Emerald City": features of the variety

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Cucumbers "Emerald City" belong to the category of very early parthenocarpic tufted gherkin hybrids with a female type of flowering. The hybrid form has proven itself both when grown in sheltered soil and when cultivated on ridges in open ground conditions.

Grade description

The hybrid "Emerald City" forms plants up to 2.5 m high with medium lengths of lashes. The number of ovaries can vary from 2-4 to 6-8 pieces. Lateral shoots are characterized by good regrowth. The advantage of the hybrid form is the female type of flowers, which implies a high and friendly return of the crop, as well as long-term fruiting.

The length of the greenery is not more than 9-12 cm. The surface is coarse-humped and white-spiked. The shape is oval-cylindrical. The diameter of Zelentsy in the transverse section is 2.9-3.5 cm. The mass of one fruit does not exceed 90-110 g. The pulp is dense, crunchy, without bitterness and voids inside.

Main advantages

Cucumbers "Emerald City" have excellent disease resistance and are practically not affected by olive spotting, the ordinary cucumber mosaic virus, false and powdery mildew. Also, the hybrid has the following positive characteristics:

  • high total productivity, reaching 11.5 kg per square meter of planted area;
  • bundle type of ovary formation;
  • precocity and parthenocarpy;
  • the possibility of cultivation in sheltered and open ground;
  • the possibility of collecting gherkins;
  • female type of flowering;
  • high marketability of the crop;
  • excellent taste of fruits.

The hybrid form has a universal purpose, cucumbers are good both in fresh and in canned form. The fruits are attractive in appearance and in demand by consumers.

Features of agricultural technology

The yield of cucumbers called "Emerald City" depends on the quality of the soil, while the hybrid is not too demanding to care for. A soil with sand admixtures is quite acceptable, since the soil for growing such a vegetable crop should be sufficiently moisture permeable and light. For the cultivation of cucumbers, soil with a neutral reaction of pH 6-7 or slightly acidic, close to neutral, is recommended. In order to reduce acidity, wood ash is introduced into the soil before planting.

Sowing seeds and planting seedlings in unheated greenhouses on the territory of central Russia is carried out approximately on May 15-20. Planting and sowing in open ground should be done no earlier than the first days of June. In the southern regions, crops and planting can be done a couple of weeks earlier.

The area of ​​nutrition of cucumbers depends entirely on the place of cultivation. The standard planting density of cucumbers on ridges in a greenhouse should not be more than 2.5 plants per square meter. When growing in open ground, you need to place about 3-4 plants per square meter.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Description of cucumbers "Emerald City" and their characteristics allow us to give the highest possible assessment of this hybrid form. In addition, the feedback of gardeners about this variety of vegetable culture is also positive. Hybrid "Emerald City" compares favorably with active fruiting in any growing conditions, as well as the formation of very smooth and beautiful greenery.

How to grow cucumbers in a vertical way

According to vegetable growers, the original seeds from the Manul company have the best qualities and excellent germination ability. When choosing seed from other producers, there is a risk of acquiring a grafter and getting plants of unknown origin that have nothing to do with the high-yielding hybrid form “Emerald City”.