Pear "Just Maria": a promising Belarusian variety

Pear "Just Maria": a promising Belarusian variety

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Pear "Just Maria" belongs to the category of new varieties. It fully ripens in late autumn. This variety is quite easy to care for, which led to a high level of popularity among many beginning gardeners both in the homeland of origin and in our country.

Selection history

The variety was bred by specialists of the Institute for Fruit Growing RUE under breeding number 90-39 / 101. The hybrid form 6 / 89-100 and not enough popular in our country pear variety "Oil Ro" were involved in crossbreeding.

The description of the variety and its main characteristics are given by the authors - a group of famous breeders: M. G. Myalik, O. A. Yakimovich and G. A. Alekseeva. Ten years ago, "Just Mary" was transferred to the State Variety Test.

Grade description

Trees of medium vigor, with a broad pyramidal crown and medium density of branches. Fruiting is observed mainly on simple and complex gloves and spears. As a rule, it is stable and regular. The plant enters the fruiting phase in the third year after planting annual seedlings on a seed stock.

Fruits are larger than average in size, with an average weight of at least 175-180 g, pear-shaped very attractive shape. The main coloration of the surface of the fruit is greenish-yellow, and the integumentary color is represented by a light pink blurred type of blush.

The peel of the fruit is thin, completely dry. The flesh is yellowish-white in color, with average density, very tender and juicy, oily, with fine grain. The taste is sour-sweet, the aroma is weak. The fruits have small seeds of dark brown staining. The grade obtained by the tasting results is 4.8 points. Sugar acid ratio is very high - about 81.5.

The plant has medium resistance to a range of diseases. The variety showed resistance to scab, bacterial cancer and septoria, which reduces the use of chemicals in the cultivation of "Just Maria" pear in a home gardening environment. Planting pollinators on the same site with this variety, you can significantly increase productivity.

Pear "Just Maria": features of the variety

Landing Basics

Pear variety "Just Maria" belongs to the category of fruit plants that can easily tolerate some shading. However, it is optimal to grow varieties in sunny, with a slight elevation of plots. The most favorable place for planting pear seedlings of this variety is considered to be the south windless side of the infield, as well as the south slope. The variety has proven itself when grown in weather and climate conditions in Moscow and the Moscow region.

If the cultivation conditions are far from optimal, it is recommended that the plant be inoculated onto the stem or skeleton formers. It should be noted that fruit plants of this variety grafted on quince can tolerate the Moscow Region climate quite difficult, so seedlings must be chosen for planting.

Secrets to Successful Growing

Regardless of the region of cultivation, the main measures for growing pears are standard. Observance of some nuances in the process of care for fruit plantings allows you to get the best result and a high yield of quality fruits:

  • Pear plants are relatively easy to adapt to acidic and slightly acidic soils, but they absolutely cannot tolerate an increased alkaline reaction even at a considerable depth.
  • For soil of heavy loamy and light clay texture, the critical level of groundwater occurrence is about one and a half meters.
  • The rootstocks in the form of snowdrop and chokeberry are characterized by better winter hardiness than the stocks of pears, and the fruits ripen a few days earlier than usual. However, such vaccinations are short-lived: their lifespan does not exceed seven years.
  • A very good result is given by vaccinating pears of different varieties on a fruit plant, but at the same time of flowering and ripening, which improves pollination and yield.
  • Absolutely unformed or incorrectly formed trees grow up and have a narrow crown. It is recommended to pull strongly growing branches down to a horizontal position and fix them in this form for about a year.

The plant is hygrophilous and needs to provide abundant and fairly regular irrigation measures in the form of irrigation along furrows. To get the highest quality fruits, it is necessary to ensure balanced nutrition at all stages of the growing season. It is also necessary to carry out timely pruning of fruit stands, which allows the crown of a pear tree to form correctly. Older plants need anti-aging pruning. Any pruning must necessarily be accompanied by the treatment of wounds received by the plant with garden var or other special compounds.

Gardeners reviews and tips

Pear "Just Maria" from the selection of BelNIIP is a promising variety for autumn gardening, promising for home gardening. Reviews of gardeners characterize it as quite winter-hardy and very productive.

How to prune a pear

However, some summer residents are unhappy with this variety, which is due to the overly sweet taste and not too long keeping time of the fruit. In addition, the pear "Just Maria" quite often drops ovaries, which are easily damaged as a result of late spring frosts.

Experienced gardeners note that a low grade rating often results from planting the so-called substandard planting material or re-sorting. In general, in many regions of our country, "Just Mary" is considered a variety of "amateur".