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Why did the strawberry bushes with berries begin to dry

Why did the strawberry bushes with berries begin to dry

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Help advice! Strawberry bushes with berries began to dry, they do not sit tight in the ground, sway. As if the roots were eaten up. How can one be saved?


This is probably the larva of the May beetle does not process strawberries

Try adding earth and vermicompost may the roots dry

I dug up a bush, removed the larva, spilled it with a strong solution of potassium permanganate and planted it back, spilled it with water. There is a chance that he will survive, although there was already a bush with berries. And if you leave it as it is, it will definitely disappear.

It’s hard for him to adapt with berries

I agree, now I regret that I did not cut off the berries.

I also thought of him. Gardener / gardener is not experienced, read somewhere. They write iodine, diluted in water, watered with ammonia. And the Nemabact biological product seems to be applicable. Only where to find him.

The roots were in the ground, like everything was beginning to bear fruit very well. Then, bam, the berries began to dry and the bush “dangles”.

I have the same story: (and when I wanted to pick a berry, I pulled out a bush., And on 6 beds almost the whole berry is such a disaster. I thought some kind of sore. It’s also interesting to listen to advice on how to process the ballet after?

And I have exactly half the bed gone. I dug up all of it, but I didn’t find any larvae, though the bushes had already dried up for a month, maybe the larva had already crept under other bushes, because no, no, and the bush would dry. It is necessary to plant new bushes, but honestly speaking, hands are already dropping, the second year is such a disaster.

I just read an article about strawberry wilting: Fusarium, late blight, vrucyllous wilting. The recommendations write that to dig up diseased bushes with the ground and do not plant new ones at this place, but I have strawberries in a high bed and what should I do?

And when the strawberries take off, what can be processed from the larva?