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Why do chickens sit with their heads pulled in

Why do chickens sit with their heads pulled in

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Good day! I have 21 chicks that are almost a month old. Today I noticed that the three are sitting with their heads pulled in. No diarrhea, butts are dry. What could be, tell me? Sitting on the ground, scruffy


This can often be observed when the chickens are small. But you also need to look for large ones. Firstly, when you bought them or they hatched, you must immediately drink them with an antibiotic (they will advise you in a veterinary pharmacy), apply liquid vitamins (tetravit). And do not let the food become soured, it is necessary to monitor their freshness. This is the most important point - the freshness of the food and the cleanliness of the place where the chickens are kept. And there will be no problems.