Raspberry "Eurasia": advantages and agricultural technology

Raspberry "Eurasia": advantages and agricultural technology

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Raspberry Eurasia is one of the most outstanding repair varieties, which stands out against the background of most berry novelties due to its large-fruited, high yield and extraordinary precocity. This domestic variety was obtained by breeders of VSTISP. Its description is included in the State Register for the Russian Federation.

Grade description

Repair raspberry "Eurasia" - a variety of medium-term ripening and universal type of use of the crop. These are medium, straight-growing, shtambovy type bushes, indicators of shoot formation are average. Biennial shoots of brown color, straight-growing. The number of spikes in the lower part of the shoots is significant, and at the top the spikes are average. Spikes sharp, bent, with a purple base.

Annual shoots at the final stage of vegetation are dark purple in color. The wax coating is significant, and the pubescence is not strong. Leaves of large sizes, green, wrinkled appearance, with weak torsion.

Conical berries, weighing from 3.6 to 4.5 g. The surface of the berry is raspberry-burgundy, matte. The density of ripe berry pulp is average. The taste is sour-sweet, without a strong aroma. Assessment on a tasting scale is almost four points.

The chemical composition of ripe berries:

  • the average sugar content is about 7%;
  • the average acid content is at the level of 1.75%;
  • the average vitamin C content is not more than 35 mg%.

Indicators of average productivity under favorable soil and climatic conditions and proper care for the berry crop are at least 134-136 kg / ha. Resistance to drought is quite high. Heat resistance, as well as susceptibility to diseases and pests, is relatively average.

Raspberry Eurasia: Features of the Variety

Advantages and disadvantages

The raspberry variety “Eurasia” has a large number of advantages that increase its attractiveness for home gardening, as well as small farms:

  • large and beautiful berries;
  • a standard plant with a decorative and aesthetic appearance;
  • excellent marketability and suitability for transportation;
  • universality of the use of harvested crops;
  • unpretentiousness in leaving;
  • suitable for cultivation in areas with insufficiently favorable soil and climatic factors;
  • low risk of damage to major diseases and plant parasites.

The variety has proven itself as suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Landing rules

Removant Eurasia raspberries are best planted in the spring, even before the start of the growing season, about a week after the last return frost. In the bush planting method, from three to five well-developed raspberry seedlings are placed on each square meter.

It is recommended to plant seedlings of remontant raspberries at a distance of 70-80 cm from each other. On each plant should be left no more than four developed and powerful shoots that grow from the root neck, and the rest of the shoots must be removed. Before planting, the soil needs to be well fertilized with organic matter and humus with wood ash, as well as cleaned of weeds.

If necessary, an early liming of the site is carried out. The size of the landing pit or trench should allow the root system to fit as freely as possible. The soil after planting around the bushes should be abundantly watered and mulched with organic matter.

Care requirements

A raspberry called Eurasia is not very demanding and grows well when performing the bulk of care activities. On dry days, it is necessary to irrigate along the furrows. Before flowering, you can sprinkle raspberry bushes. After each watering, it is recommended to loosen the soil.

At least four times per season you need to feed the plants. As effective fertilizers, you can use mullein infusion or a solution of bird droppings with the addition of a small amount of ash. For the winter period, pruning of shoots is carried out, which will allow the plant to winter without loss.

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Gardeners reviews

The Eurasia variety is highly regarded and receives positive feedback from gardeners due to the straight-growing, habitus of the bush, which is very convenient for cultivation and high yields. Large and dense berries, which have excellent taste, early and amicable ripening of the crop, also received very high marks. From each adult berry bush during one fruiting season, you can collect up to 2.6-2.8 kg of crop.

According to experts, the variety is promising for machine harvesting. The plant is capable of high productivity regardless of soil and climatic conditions.

How to grow remont raspberries

Ripened berries are able to hang on bushes for a week without losing their quality characteristics. Harvested is very good in fresh and processed form. Berries have proven themselves in deep freezing. Stem plants have excellent decorativeness and in recent years are widely used in landscape design.