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Well or well

Well or well

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He consulted with people, but did not come to a more or less sensible decision. Some say that you need to dig rings under the well, while others say that it is better and easier to drill a well. I would like to ask what friends are thinking all the same? Our water is not deep, they say something is already at 10-15 meters. I myself can’t come to an unequivocal decision, the neighbors have both of them, I don’t know who to believe.


But in fact, the neighbors are all right. As for me, the well and the well should be on the site. Well, of course, the thing is convenient and modern, but then again, what will you do when the electricity is turned off, and as we know, this happens all the time. Of course, you can be saved by a generator, but as for me, it is needed completely for another. According to this, I keep a well and a well at my site. Well, the joy of pouring cold water in the morning is impossible to convey in words!


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