Arabian Knight gladiolus cultivation and care rules

Arabian Knight gladiolus cultivation and care rules

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One of the most popular representatives of flower crops found in yards is the gladiolus Arabian Knight. Each mistress of her own house tries to transform her garden and plants many different flowers. Of course, there are other types of gladioli, but this one is not very picky in care and has an attractive appearance.

Morphological characteristics of this variety

This type of gladiolus differs from other members of the family in very large and bright colors. Each bud petal has a velvet structure that sometimes resembles rose petals. This plant is perennial, therefore, it is not necessary to plant a gladiolus every year - it will be enough to care for one bulb for several years.

The gladiolus leaf is quite powerful, fleshy and has a linear sharp shape. The length of the leaves is 0.5 m or more - it all depends on the age of the plant. All buds of one stem are collected in a complex spike-shaped inflorescence. With proper care, the height of the plant can reach 1 m or even higher.

Gladiolus Arabian Knight is planted by those people who sell various colors. After all, it is this variety that boasts massive buds that fit tightly against each other in inflorescences. Besides, the original leaf of the plant serves as a good decoration for him. Its alluring and bright appearance attracts the eyes of any person and makes you buy a bouquet of these gladioli. Plus, it is beneficial not only to the buyer, but also to those who grow this variety, because it does not require complicated care, which takes a lot of time.

Gladiolus: preparing bulbs for planting

How to Care for the Arabian Knight's Gladiolus

Many varieties of gladioli are quite finicky in care and need either high-quality soil or frequent watering and fertilizer. For example, the Apostle Peter variety cannot be survived in those conditions in which the gladiolus Arabian Knight grows and develops well.

Experts advise planting this plant variety in the most lighted areas of their yard, because it is there that Arabian Knight feels comfortable.

This is very convenient, because not every plant survives in such conditions: some varieties get sick, others dry out, and some do not withstand excessive heat and light for weeks.

Also, gladiolus can not be over-moistened and planted in wetlands. Horticulture experts advise rarely watering the soil. It is best to water once a week, but in abundant quantities, so that water penetrates to the very roots. On the hottest days, it is worth increasing the amount of watering up to 2 times a week.

Arabian night does not need too fertile soils, which is mainly not inherent in the family. For example, the gladiolus Apostle Peter is not able to grow in loamy and loamy soils, while Arabian Knight grows best in such soils. Despite being so picky, experts advise every autumn to fertilize the soil with phosphorus-potash fertilizers. In addition, the gladiolus needs to be well loosened and fertilized with nitrogen fertilizers before planting the bulbs.

How to plant a gladiolus bulb

There are several opinions on planting Arabian Knight bulbs. Everyone decides for himself which method is best for him. Options may be as follows:

  1. In our latitudes, experts advise planting the bulb in the prepared soil in mid-April, when its temperature will be about 10ºC. This is explained by the fact that in early spring the soil is well moistened, and this positively affects the further growth of this variety. Other gardeners claim that such a planting is not beneficial for the gladiolus of this variety, because in this case the plant blooms in mid-summer.
  2. The natural season of gladioli begins in early September.
  3. If you plant gladioli in June, a wonderful bouquet will grow by the beginning of the school year.

To plant the bulbs, you should create a small hole 15 cm deep. Each bulb should be placed 20 cm apart. After planting the bulbs in the soil, fill the still uncovered hole with water. After completely absorbing the liquid, the hole should be densely filled with soil.

After the appearance of the first stems, one should take care of the plant, as well as an adult representative. If the flower does not hold well in the soil, you should create support for it, because after a while the gladiolus may not maintain its own weight and simply fall.

How to plant gladioli

Gladiolus Arabian Knight is a beautiful plant that, thanks to its brightness and pleasant aroma, conquers most gardeners. If you look at the field from gladioli from a distance, you can see a beautiful purple distance, which can not be compared with anything else.