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Is it possible to plant flowers of 2-year old (Irkutsk region) now

Is it possible to plant flowers of 2-year old (Irkutsk region) now

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Tell me, please, is it possible to plant 2-year-old flowers right now, they say they easily take root? Irkutsk region.


Of course you can. Go to the seed shops, often even on a separate stand for sale, seeds recommended for planting in the fall. They will have a hardened root system, which in winter will survive all diseases and acquire immunity. You do not have to bother in the spring with seedlings, plants planted in the fall will bloom earlier for two to three weeks. They are planted (sown) somewhere around the end of September until the beginning of November, of course, according to the weather. Soil preparation can be done in advance, in September. And planting is advisable to sprinkle with mulch from fallen leaves. for warming. And you certainly understand that the two-year-old flowers that bloom in the second year, if sown before winter, will bloom this spring, and this is undoubtedly a huge plus.