Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Sunset

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Sunset

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Tomato Raspberry Sunset cannot be called a supernova, but it was put into operation relatively recently. The variety was entered into the State Register in 2008. In the southern regions, tomatoes are grown in open ground - Crimea, Krasnodar Territory. In the center of Russia, in Siberia and in the Urals - in greenhouse conditions.

Details about the tomato variety Raspberry Sunset

A detailed description and description of the plant will help summer residents when choosing seeds for the next sowing season. It should be noted right away that the Raspberry Miracle series in terms of the composition of varieties can satisfy any fastidious summer resident.

Each tomato in this series is of interest, they are all F1 hybrids (first reproduction):

  • Raspberries;
  • Raspberry Paradise;
  • Bright Robin;
  • Raspberry wine.

The names alone are worth something, and what can we say about the characteristics of the fruits of these hybrids. Their description is worth a lot. Each hybrid from the Raspberry Miracle series has fruits weighing 400 g and more. The best specimens of Raspberry Sunset are stretched by 700 g, while other hybrids have a slightly less declared weight - 600 g.


We will begin the description of the variety with the characteristics of the bush. Raspberry Sunset F1 - vigorous, tall plants of the determinant type. According to amateurs, the bushes grow up to 2 meters in the greenhouse. The size of the leaves is medium, the color is dark green. Fruit ripening occurs early (from 90 to 110 days from germination).

It is possible to grow vegetables under temporary film-type shelters and in greenhouses. Fruits are round in shape, large in size, covered with a smooth, strong raspberry skin in ripe tomato, in unripe fruits, light green in color. There is no dark green spot in the area of ​​the stalk. The pulp has an average density, contains up to 6% of dry matter. The number of nests is six. The average fruit weight is from 400 g. The taste of the fruit is excellent. Productivity in the greenhouse is 13 kg / m².

A hybrid of salad purposes, large raspberry tomatoes are usually eaten fresh, you can make juice, sauces from it and use tomatoes for preparing first and second courses. The fruits are not suitable for canning due to their large size.

The new variety shows good resistance to major tomato diseases. With good agricultural technology and timely preventive measures, it does not suffer from late blight. Tomatoes can retain their commercial properties after picking, and during transportation do not suffer from mechanical damage.

Summer residents about Raspberry Sunset

It is always interesting to read reviews of summer residents about the past season. It is always interesting to buy a variety tested by others. I would like to achieve better results than others with the help of good care. Reviews give new information about the characteristics of a particular variety and motivate tomato lovers for new "garden" feats.


I want to share my impressions of growing Raspberry Sunset tomatoes. At first I was attracted by the name of the series of seeds - Raspberry Miracle from Sady Rossii. I chose the Crimson Sunset and did not regret it. Tomatoes are actually wonderful, all my neighbors went to admire them. Red, large, beautiful fruits were pleasing to the eye. The hot, dry summer did not affect the yield. The bushes have grown to the very ceiling of the greenhouse. The weight of the fruits ranged from 300 to 600 g. She fed them once every two weeks, watered them weekly, sometimes twice a week. The tomatoes did not ripen amicably, they sang right on the bushes, some were filmed and ripened in boxes.


I succumbed to advertising, bought a bag of Raspberry Sunset. She took care of the tomatoes diligently, fed them with fertilizers, formed them into one stalk. The bushes turned out to be strong, neat, the largest tomato weighed about a kilogram. I liked the variety, I will plant it.

Features of planting and care

Raspberry Sunset can be grown without diving. Sow quite often, pluck out weak plants as the seedlings grow. As a result, few plants remain before transplanting seedlings into the ground, but they are all strong, well-developed. Water seedlings once a week. Before planting in a permanent place, harden the plants by lowering the night temperature to 8 ° C.

Prepare the soil for seedlings in the fall. Take in equal parts:

  • garden land;
  • compost;
  • sand.

Before sowing, treat the seeds with a drug popular among gardeners - Baikal EM1, treat the soil with a manganese solution.

Care for a hybrid planted in a greenhouse in spring is standard. It comes down to watering, weeding, loosening row spacings, forming a bush, and applying fertilizers. In summer, a large number of fruits leads to an excessive load of the bushes, therefore only timely tying the bush to the support can prevent mechanical damage to the branches.

Diseases and pests

Tomato fruits Raspberry sunset in damp, cool weather can suffer from top rot. Unbalanced nitrogen-potassium feeding can provoke rot. At the first signs of the disease, you need to feed the plants with potassium nitrate.

In addition, this hybrid can sometimes suffer from brown spotting. Control measures are simple: reduce irrigation, control the air temperature in the greenhouse. Possible pests of tomato bushes: slugs, Colorado potato beetle. The slugs are collected and destroyed. Insecticides are used for the Colorado potato beetle.

The crimson sunset has been popular with summer residents for several years, it has good prospects for the future. With quality care, summer residents growing this hybrid are guaranteed a high yield.

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