Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Biysk rose and Biysk rosean

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Biysk rose and Biysk rosean

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With the arrival of spring, gardeners begin to think about their future harvest. Of course, there are vegetables that can be planted directly into the ground, but the Biysk rose tomato requires preliminary planting for seedlings at home, since you need to take care of planting them in the ground in advance. It is necessary to start growing seedlings in boxes first. Tomatoes are a favorite vegetable for most people.

Description of the variety

One of the easiest varieties of tomatoes to grow is the “Biysk Rose” tomato. It is not only tasty, but also healthy. Due to its taste and attractive appearance, it quickly spread among gardeners. Representatives of this variety are large enough. The bushes can grow up to 110 cm. The time frame between the emergence of seedlings and the appearance of the first tomatoes on the bush is from 115 days to 120. They need to be planted at a long distance from each other, since they grow strongly.

The bushes are quite strong, but undersized. This variety can be grown in greenhouses and outdoors. During growth, it is necessary to tie two or three stems to a support and pinch. Description of the tomato Biysk rosan will help gardeners decide whether they want to get involved with such a variety. It is not difficult to grow it, but its own characteristics are also present. As the saying goes: "in taste and color, there are no comrades."

Fruit characteristics

Tomatoes grow large, with an approximate weight of about half a kilogram. The skin is soft, while eating it practically does not attract attention, and its color is unusually bright. Inside, there are really no seeds, the flesh is tender. It tastes sweet and sugary. It is better not to store tomatoes of this kind for a long time, they are great for use in food immediately. Also, they are suitable for making tomato juice.

The yield of the variety is high. You can get 5-6 tomatoes from each bush. This is a good indicator for a small bush. Such a yield satisfies every gardener who deals with tomatoes of this variety.

Comparison of "Biysk rose" and "Biysk rosean"

A novice person will not always be able to figure out what is the difference between the varieties of tomatoes Biyskaya rose and Biyskiy rosean. Most often they are generally confused. At first glance, it seems that there is no difference between them at all. The only difference is during seedling. "Biyskaya rose" has beautiful delicate leaves. When both varieties are planted in the ground, it is almost impossible to find differences between them.

They are deterministic, or rather dim. Their main stem and lateral shoots stop growing when two to six brushes appear on the stem. At the ends of the stem and shoots there is a flower raceme.

Some gardeners are beginning to dispute the point that both varieties are undersized. Tomato varieties Biysk rosan can reach 55-75 cm, and "Biysk rose" about 70-110 cm. Characteristics on official gardening sites indicate just such numbers. In practice, they can differ significantly. If tomatoes are grown in good soil and under favorable conditions, then the bush can reach 180 cm. Both varieties have a good yield, an average ripening period. Their fruits are equally sweet, large, pink and, most importantly, tasty.

Diseases and pests

A tomato variety like Biysk rose is not considered a hybrid, therefore, unfortunately, it does not have the necessary resistance to various diseases. Reviews of people who are engaged in the cultivation of such tomatoes complain that very often they are faced with fungal and viral diseases of this plant. Even seedlings will have to be periodically treated for all diseases, if they, of course, appear. The most terrible disease for them is late blight.

There is no need to relax if the plant does not have any diseases. In preventive measures, it is still necessary to treat it with fungicides. It is better to take care of the health of tomatoes in advance than to lose the entire crop later. Since any fungi or diseases affect the entire body, and not a single stem.

The pests for this tomato variety are the same as for everyone else - the Colorado potato beetle. Dealing with them is easy. Basically, they appear when the seedlings are still small. That is, everything will do without crop losses.

In conclusion, we can say that it is a pleasure to grow "Biyskaya rose" tomatoes. Even a beginner will not find it difficult to do this.

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