Description of the Metelitsa cucumber variety, its yield and cultivation

Description of the Metelitsa cucumber variety, its yield and cultivation

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The variety of vegetables grown on the site depends on the wishes of the summer resident. When planting a crop, many vegetable growers are faced with the problem of selecting the right variety. Cucumber Blizzard F1 is suitable for those who want to get the harvest as early as possible.

What is the variety?

By studying the description, the summer resident decides whether the cucumber is suitable. A feature of the species is limited lateral shoots.


  • Parthenocarpic.
  • It matures within 36–37 days.
  • The flowers are female.
  • Bunch ovaries in them 3-4 cucumbers.


  • Color: dark green with a white stripe.
  • Shape: cylindrical.
  • Length: 7-8 cm.
  • Weight: 65-70 g.
  • Taste: without the characteristic bitterness of the plant.

Growing and care

The culture is planted in 2 ways; in cold regions, the blizzard cucumbers are recommended to be planted in seedlings. For this, a special soil mixture is prepared. It consists of:

  • 1 part sand.
  • 1 part of the top layer of the earth.
  • 2 parts of humus.

The sowing depth of seeds is 1.5 cm. It is recommended to use peat pots, they decompose in the ground, being an additional feeding for young plants.

Proper care of seedlings consists in:

  1. Watering. The seedlings should not be poured, but they should not dry out either.
  2. Compliance with the temperature regime. After germination, the temperature should not drop below + 17⁰С.
  3. Top dressing. Use complex fertilizers with a predominance of nitrogen at least 2 times.
  4. Lighting. Growing seedlings need sunlight 14 hours a day, with a lack of daylight, additional lamps are installed.

Seed planting in the ground is carried out during the absence of night frosts, the ground temperature is + 15-17 ⁰С. The wells are filled with a nutrient mixture, humus, and a small amount of wood ash is added.

The planted seeds are covered with a foil, so they germinate faster.

Cucumbers love daily watering, they take warm water. The procedure is carried out in the evening. To retain moisture, the beds mulch or loosen the ground. Hilling provides oxygen to the roots. In addition, it protects against attacks of pests.

Adult plants should be fed 5–6 times per season, alternating between organic fertilizers and minerals.

Immunity of the species

As the characteristics of the variety show, Metelitsa cucumbers are resistant to:

  • Powdery mildew.
  • Downy mildew.

To avoid infection and death of a healthy plant, cucumbers are treated for prevention, from all diseases common in the region. This is done until the time when ovaries begin to form, if chemicals are used. People use folk remedies constantly.

Use in home cooking and the dignity of the variety

The versatility of the fruits is confirmed by the summer residents themselves. Cucumbers are canned, salted and made in the winter. When fresh, it is used for preparing salads and table decorations.

The advantages of the variety are:

  • The presence of a large number of flowers of the female type.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • The versatility of the fruit.
  • Disease resistance.
  • Excess moisture tolerance.
  • Limitation of lateral shoots.

The absence of negative qualities in any variety raises its popularity among most varieties.

What do summer residents say about Blizzard cucumbers?

The grower looks for reviews before buying new seeds. The characteristics prescribed by the manufacturer are confirmed or refuted in their comments by the gardeners who planted this variety on their site.

  • Natalia: “It didn't work the first time. There were many flowers, but no ovaries at all. Disappointed. "
  • Alexander: “I tried to grow a Blizzard on the site, I was attracted by the promises of early ripening of cucumbers. Based on the results of the season, a decision will be made on the future fate of the variety ”.

Metelitsa cucumbers will delight their owners with taste. In addition, cucumbers are distinguished by their unpretentiousness and the ability to tolerate waterlogging in the soil.

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