18 best step-by-step recipes for blackcurrant blanks for the winter

18 best step-by-step recipes for blackcurrant blanks for the winter

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Black currant is distinguished by its taste and high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins, carotene, pectin substances. Berries are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, citric and malic acid. With the help of blanks from black currant, metabolism is normalized, appetite increases, and the work of the digestive tract improves. Harvesting fruits for the winter, you can not only enjoy a delicious dish, but also strengthen the immune system.

Features of cooking black currant for the winter

The shelf life of berries is short, so they are most often used for a variety of preparations. In the refrigerator, the fruits are stored for up to 12 weeks. The collection of currants takes place at sunny lunchtime, after the dew has subsided.

Black currants are ideal for cooking:

  • jams;
  • juices;
  • jam;
  • liqueurs;
  • wine;
  • jam;
  • compotes;
  • jelly;
  • pastilles.

It is recommended to store and transport the berries in wooden boxes, boxes, baskets in a dry dark room at zero temperature.

Selection and preparation of berries

The best option is to make cold currant jam. By harvesting raw berries with sugar, you can preserve all the beneficial properties of the product. The fruit should be ripe with no signs of damage or rot.

Defective copies are discarded. To preserve the harvest without heat treatment, the currants are washed under running water, filtered through a colander.

An important step is drying the fruit on a waffle or paper towel. Prepared berries are crushed using a blender or meat grinder. To prepare syrup or jam, you only need juice, the remaining pink thick is suitable for compote.

How to properly prepare containers

The container must be free from damage, cracks and chips. The containers are pre-washed in soapy water, thoroughly wiped with a sponge, rinsed several times. The jars should dry with the neck down in natural conditions.

When preserving, containers and lids must be sterilized. In case of blockage, preference should be given to metal covers, they are more airtight than polyethylene ones.

What can be cooked from black currant at home

Black currant twists help to increase vitality, strengthen immunity, and prolong youth. It is effective to use berry preparations for colds.

When harvesting, housewives often think about how to preserve the fruits.

Each housewife prepares various dishes from black currants: someone prefers a berry in the form of jam, someone likes juices and compotes, some like currant wine or liqueur. Below will be considered the most relevant and popular cooking recipes.

Harvesting leaves

Many housewives prefer to save not only berries, but also currant leaves for the winter. They have a high concentration of vitamins and organic compounds that are so necessary for the body in winter. Proper storage will allow you to get quality raw materials. To do this, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • leaves are harvested before berries, during flowering;
  • the collection of foliage is carried out in the morning, after the dew has subsided;
  • leaves are torn off in spring, summer and autumn;
  • damaged specimens with spotting and defects are discarded;
  • an oven, a shaded area in the open air, a balcony are suitable for drying a plant;
  • an important condition is to protect the leaves from direct sunlight.

Infusion of currant foliage has a diaphoretic, diuretic, tonic, disinfectant effect, is used as an additional drug.

Currant jam

Closing the thick, aromatic jam can be done quickly and easily. For jam you will need:

  • 1 kg of currants;
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 1 liter of water.

Step-by-step cooking:

  • The berries are sorted out, washed, passed through a colander. After mixing currants with granulated sugar, mix it and leave for 4 hours to release the juice.
  • Put the pan on fire, boil for 15-20 minutes, cool.
  • The mass is boiled again 1-2 times for 20-25 minutes.

Upon completion of cooking, the liquid is poured into a sterilized container, tightly sealed with polyethylene or metal lids.

Blackcurrant jelly

Making jelly is time consuming, but it has a great taste and sweet berry aroma. You can cook jelly from the following products:

  • berries 3 cups;
  • water 750 ml;
  • lemon juice 2 tbsp l .;
  • granulated sugar 700 g.

Cooking method:

  • The washed currants are transferred to a saucepan, chopped with a blender, mixed with lemon juice.
  • The mixture is boiled, boiled for another 10-15 minutes. The gruel is filtered with gauze.
  • After the juice has drained, it is mixed with sugar and boiled.

After readiness, hot jelly is packed in a sterilized container, rolled up.

Compote recipe

Compote is to the liking of both children and adults, in summer it quenches thirst, in winter it nourishes the weakened body with vitamins. Sugary drinks are an excellent diuretic that is used for diseases of the urinary and genitourinary system.

Required products:

  • currants 1 kg;
  • sugar 600-700 g;
  • water 1 l.

Cooking methodology:

  • the bottom of the sterilized bottle is covered with prepared fruits, poured with boiling water, kept for 15 minutes;
  • draining water into a saucepan, mix it with sugar, boil it, pour it back into jars;
  • the compote is hermetically rolled up.

Banks are covered with a warm blanket, after cooling, they are transferred to a permanent storage location.

Black currant without cooking

Heat treatment destroys the lion's share of the nutrients of the product. The recipe without cooking allows you to preserve all the valuable macro- and microelements. For cooking you need:

  • 1 kg of currants;
  • 1.5-2 kg of sugar.

How to cook:

  • sorted, prepared berries are washed with a colander, dried;
  • currants must be processed using a meat grinder or blender, mix the gruel with granulated sugar;
  • the mass is stirred until the sugar is completely dissolved.

After the granulated sugar has begun to melt, the mass is laid out in sterilized jars, rolled up.

How to freeze

Before freezing, currants are not washed, since washing fills the berries with water, which causes them to deform when frozen.

The fruits are sorted, damaged specimens are removed, and laid out on a flat surface.

Processing of fruits with the help of cold takes place within 24 hours, then they freeze and are ready for long-term storage in plastic containers, bags. It is recommended to store the berries in the freezer for no more than 1 year.

Homemade jelly

Some housewives use gelatin for cooking. Homemade jelly can be made not only from currants, but also from other berries and fruits without adding gelatin.


  • currants 1 kg;
  • 1-2 cups of sugar.

Step-by-step cooking:

  • The washed currants are kneaded using a wooden crush, transferred to a saucepan.
  • The mass is put on fire, boiled, boiled for 10-15 minutes. The gruel is filtered, the resulting juice is squeezed through cheesecloth.
  • The liquid is boiled, mixed with sugar, boiled until the sugar grains are completely dissolved.

Hot jelly is poured into molds or bottles, placed in the refrigerator or rolled up for the winter.

Delicious liquor

Among all currant preparations, the most popular and unusual is liqueur. It is used for medicinal purposes for pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, ARVI. To create a liquor, you will need the following components:

  • 1 kg of berries and 7 currant leaves;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 1 liter of vodka;
  • 700-800 ml of water.

Cooking sequence:

  • The bottom of the sterilized bottle is covered with washed berries and leaves, filled with vodka.
  • The jar is tightly closed, insisted for 1.5 months in a dark, warm place.
  • The infusion is filtered through cheesecloth. Boil water in a saucepan, mix with sugar, boil for 10 minutes, cool.

The cold liquid is mixed with alcoholic infusion, stirred thoroughly, poured into a prepared container. The drink is ready to drink in a week.

Best marshmallow recipe

Required products:

  • currants 1 kg;
  • sugar 500-600 g;
  • water 1 glass.

How to cook:

  • the fruits are washed, poured with water, boiled, rubbed the mass through cheesecloth;
  • the resulting gruel is mixed with granulated sugar, boiled until thickened;
  • the mixture is spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment, sent to a heated oven, dried for 12 hours.

Finished products are cut into pieces and packaged.

Fragrant fruit drink

Morse is ideal for pregnant women, babies, the elderly.


  • currants 2 cups;
  • water 2 l;
  • 0.5 cups of sugar.

How to do:

  • Prepared berries are crushed, squeezed. The thick is boiled, simmered for 10-15 minutes.
  • The resulting mass is filtered, the juice is boiled, mixed with sugar.
  • Combine boiled water with juice.

The liquid is poured into a decanter, cooled, sent to the refrigerator or rolled up.

Blackcurrant jam without sugar

For jam you will need:

  • currants 600-700 g;
  • cardamom 5 pcs.;
  • cinnamon ½ stick;
  • ½ lemon;
  • 1 orange;
  • ground cloves 0.5 tsp

How to do:

  • The mass is mixed with orange peel, spices, lemon juice.
  • Put the pan on the fire, waiting for it to boil, boil it for 30-40 minutes on low heat.

The thick mass is poured into sterilized bottles.

Homemade jam

You can save valuable berries by making jam from them. This will require:

  • 1.5 kg of currant gruel;
  • 1 kg of sugar.

Cooking method:

  • the fruits are blanched, the gruel is boiled, mixed with half the sugar;
  • boiling the mixture for 25 minutes, mix it with the remaining sugar, boil it down;
  • after thickening, the mass is poured into containers.

The banks are turned over, wrapped in a blanket. After cooling, the twists are transferred to a permanent storage location.

Currant syrup

To prepare the syrup, the berry is crushed, kept for 12-14 hours in a warm room. At this time, the fermentation process takes place, the berry taste and aroma are manifested.

The liquid is filtered, squeezed, mixed with granulated sugar, boiled.

Citric acid is added to the cooled mass, filtered, poured into containers.


You can prepare currant wine using the following products:

  • 3 kg of berries;
  • 3 kg of sugar;
  • 6-7 liters of filtered water.

Step-by-step cooking:

  • The fruits are crushed, transferred to a container, mixed with sugar, poured over with water.
  • They put on a rubber glove on the neck of the can, insist. The wine is ready to drink in a few months.
  • The liquid is poured into bottles.

After packing, the wine is sent to a permanent storage place such as a pantry, cellar, basement.

Blackcurrant juice

Currants (1 kg) are poured into boiling water (250 ml), boiled. The boiling mixture is rubbed through a sieve, mixed with hot syrup (700-800 ml). The juice is poured into a sterilized container, sealed.

Candied fruit

You can make candied fruits with granulated sugar (1.3 kg), berries (1 kg), water (1.5-2 cups). Granulated sugar is mixed with water, boiled, filtered, berries are poured, boiled for 5-10 minutes. After 12 hours, the mixture is re-boiled, filtered with a colander. Put the berry mass on a baking sheet, wait for drying for 5-6 days.

Pickled black currant

For pickling you will need:

  • water 1 l;
  • vinegar 120-150 ml;
  • sugar 700-800 g;
  • cloves 9 pcs.;
  • allspice 7 pcs.;
  • 1 PC. cinnamon.

The fruits are laid out in a bottle, poured with boiling water with spices, sterilized, corked.


Berry sauces are great with meat and fish dishes. Currants are stewed in butter, sugar and water, mixed with wine, spices, salt. The resulting mass is cooled, filtered, placed in a refrigerator. After thickening, the sauce is served with a dish.

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