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You can root a broken part of a tree peony

You can root a broken part of a tree peony

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A tree peony broken near the root is not a tenant? Can the broken part be rooted?


If the root has a growth point, it will grow. Is it possible to have time this year? And hold the broken part for a day in water with root and in a greenhouse

If a piece of the stem remains, it will grow back, it’s tenacious

It’s unlikely that you will root the broken part, they say it’s difficult, and the peony itself, if it’s not the first year of planting and experienced your winter, will grow next spring

just bought a week ago

right under the root broke. There the sprout was 20 centimeters tall. I will wait for a miracle

I will try. Already stuck in the tablet. Now I'm going to pull it out)

better to hold in root for a day

I hold

you can then water with a diluted root root at first sometimes

and shelter for the winter?

it depends on the winter ... we wouldn’t have survived in the north and with shelter, but he’s still very tiny. I'd take home

and cover that part in the earth

take away

My tree-like peony was bombarded with debris when the old cottage was being dismantled. And what was my surprise and glee when I say so much * buried * flowers and plants - and he came to life, and even a year later bloomed for the first time. If I were you, I would take home too

My girls also had a miracle this year, have already boasted here. I bought a stock peony root in a box in a store for 59 rubles, it turned out * cracker *. I held him for almost a day in the epine and without any hope put him in prison, or rather even buried him. And did not come to him and did not fertilize even once. And he got out, I even thought at first that the weed is good that there is such a wonderful group, and they told me that this is my peony

tree-like and at that price?

yes, they stood about 350, and at the beginning of June they were already selling “crackers,” apparently they did not observe the storage conditions, but the packaging is normal, the package, the box. I also bought a rose from greed at the same price, but apparently it was a corpse

my tree-like cracker also woke up and built up new buds :), I grabbed 99 from the sale :), now 2 beauties), for 469 and for 99

if such a thing next year I will buy another cracker

I would buy too. I don’t know just where in which stores to look like that

we have a chain of stores my home. There, for home and for summer cottages and all kinds of hype


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