What does semi-determinant tomatoes mean, varieties for greenhouses and greenhouses

What does semi-determinant tomatoes mean, varieties for greenhouses and greenhouses

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Most vegetable growers prefer to grow tomatoes in their gardens or greenhouses. These vegetables are anti-cancer, contain various beneficial trace elements and vitamins. There are many different types of tomatoes. However, many gardeners grow semi-determinate tomatoes.


To understand what semi-determinant tomato varieties are, you need to find out the distinctive features and characteristics.

It is quite easy to distinguish between different types of tomatoes. The difference between semi-determinant, indeterminate and determinant varieties is the height of the plant. Semi-determinant bushes have an average height, they have adopted the best qualities from the other two types of tomatoes. That is why they are so popular with vegetable growers.

The first fruits of semi-determinant tomatoes can be harvested two months after planting in the ground. Such plants are resistant to diseases and cope with temperature changes without problems. However, they cannot cope with too low temperatures and sometimes they have to be grown in greenhouses.

In greenhouse conditions, most bushes grow up to two meters. During growth, about 10-15 inflorescences are formed on them, the first of which appears above the tenth leaf.

Growing features

The cultivation of such plants has some features that you should be familiar with before planting.


To get good seedlings, you need to know how to grow them properly. It is not recommended to bring seedlings to flowering. If this happens, then you need to immediately get rid of the inflorescence. It must be grown in well-lit rooms with a stable temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to transplant seedlings into the ground only after 5-7 leaves appear on them.


It is recommended to regularly monitor the temperature in the greenhouse, since it is this that affects the amount of the crop. When planting seedlings, the temperature should be about 15 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature in the greenhouse should not be lower than 25 degrees, and the nighttime temperature - 15 degrees. Too high or low temperature readings can negatively affect the development of the bushes. Sometimes they stop growing and new fruits stop forming on them.


Tomatoes are among the plants that need regular watering. Newly planted seedlings need to be watered frequently. However, do not flood them too much, as this can negatively affect growth. It is recommended to moisten the soil only after its top layer is completely dry.

Adult seedlings are recommended to be watered twice a week. In this case, the soil should be saturated with moisture by 20 cm. During the formation and ripening of fruits, the frequency of watering increases several times. It should be remembered that a large amount of moisture can lead to the appearance of fungal diseases.

Bushes should be watered only at the root, as water should not get on the stems and leaves of the plant. Also, this method of watering is used so as not to increase the humidity level in the greenhouse.

Top dressing

In order for semi-determinant tomatoes to give an early harvest, it is necessary to feed them in a timely manner. Such plants need mineral fertilizing with a large amount of phosphorus. They should also contain a lot of potassium, which is needed to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes.

You can understand what elements a plant lacks by its appearance. If there is a lack of nitrogen, the bushes will grow slowly and their leaves will be too pale. If the leaves turn purple, then most likely the bushes lack phosphorus. The most dangerous is a lack of potassium, as this can cause tomatoes to die.


First you need to figure out what stepchildren are. Lateral shoots are called stepchildren, from which it is recommended to get rid of. This is done to accelerate the ripening of fruits and to increase their mass. If you do not remove the extra stepsons in a timely manner, then a large number of leaves will form on the bushes and this will lead to the fact that the tomatoes will be too small.

It is recommended to remove stepchildren after they grow up to five centimeters in length. This procedure should be performed early in the morning once a week.

Bush formation

It is recommended to form semi-determinant tomato varieties into two stems. Thus, the most viable stem will be formed near the first brush. It is he who will give the best and greatest fruits. From the formed first stem, it is necessary to form the second.

In the future, you will have to deal with the formation of the crop. To do this, you will have to remove excess fruits from the first two brushes and leave only 2-4 tomatoes there. All other brushes must be formed in such a way that no more than 5-6 fruits remain on them.

Semi-determinant varieties

Before you start growing such tomatoes, you need to study the most famous varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses.


A productive variety that was bred by breeders from Holland. The first fruits ripen within 80-90 days. The bush of the plant is quite high, as it grows up to one and a half meters. Because of this, Magnus needs to tie the bushes so that they do not break under the load of the fruit. This procedure should be carried out when the plant grows to 80 cm. Also, it is necessary to regularly remove unnecessary stepchildren from the bushes.

Tomatoes in this variety are not very large, since their weight reaches only 100-200 grams. They are formed in brushes of 4-6 pieces. The fruits are red in color and have a rounded shape with slight ribbing at the edges. They are quite juicy and meaty, which is why they are used to make tomatoes and juice.


This hybrid is medium early, which means that the first tomatoes begin to ripen three and a half months after planting. Khlynovsky differs from many varieties in the height of its bushes. On average, the plants grow up to 200 cm. Because of this, the bushes need pinching and a garter.

After full ripening, the green fruits are repainted in a bright red color. They have a rounded shape that is slightly flattened. Tomatoes are not very large, as their weight is only 180-190 grams. However, if they are grown in southern regions with a warm climate, then their weight can increase up to 300 grams.

If you grow this tomato in a greenhouse with ideal conditions, you can get a fairly large number of fruits. On average, 5-8 kilograms of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush.


The Baron variety is an early ripening hybrid, the fruits of which fully ripen within a hundred days. Tomato bushes are medium-sized and grow only up to 80 cm. Over time, the first brush appears on them. It is located under 6-8 sheets.

The fruits of the plant are quite small and weigh about 150-180 grams. They have a very fleshy and dense flesh with a sweetish flavor. Tomatoes have a very long shelf life, so they can be transported over long distances. Due to their compact size, they can be used for barrel pickling and preservation. They are also ideally combined with many vegetables and therefore are often used in the preparation of vegetable dishes and salads.


It is one of the earliest varieties of semi-determinant tomatoes. Literally 50 days after planting, you can start collecting fruits. Ivet tomato bushes are not very large, they grow up to 50-70 cm. Ivet and other varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses and greenhouses do not need to be tied up. To get large fruits, you will have to do pinching and forming bushes. It is recommended to form Yvet into one or two stems.

Over time, dense red fruits begin to form on the bushes. Their average weight is 120-140 grams. However, larger tomatoes may form on the first bushes. They have good transportability and excellent presentation. They are also resistant to tobacco mosaic and nematode.

Red Arrow

Red Arrow tomatoes are shade-tolerant tomatoes, so they can be planted more densely. The fruits begin to ripen one hundred days after the seedlings are planted in the ground. The height of the bushes is quite large and is one and a half meters, which is why you have to tie them up and cut them regularly.

To get a good harvest, you will have to periodically feed the plant. This is done using a mixture made from boric acid and potassium permanganate. In addition, it is necessary to loosen the soil and water it during the growing season. With proper care of the bushes, you can achieve that the weight of the fruit will be 150 grams. The fruits of the Red Arrow are very juicy and fleshy. They are used in cooking for the preparation of vegetable dishes and salads.


Some novice vegetable growers do not know that this is a semi-determinant tomato variety. To familiarize yourself with it, you must study its description and varieties of such tomatoes in advance.

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