Instructions for use and composition of Oberon Rapida, insecticide dosage

Instructions for use and composition of Oberon Rapida, insecticide dosage

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Different types of mites can parasitize many crops. The result of their activity is the oppression of plants, the deterioration of their productivity. Consider the composition and form of release of "Oberon Rapida", how it works, what it is used for, dosage and application according to the instructions. What products is the drug compatible with, conditions and shelf life, similar products.

Composition and form of release "Oberon Rapida"

The manufacturer - Bayer - produces an insecticide in the form of a suspension concentrate, with the substances spiromesifen in the amount of 228.6 g per 1 liter and abamectin in the amount of 11.4 g per 1 liter. The drug has intestinal and contact action, insecticidal and acaricidal. The suspension is poured into 1 liter bottles.

How the drug works

Spiromesifen belongs to the class of tetronic acids. Stops lipid synthesis, disrupting the processes occurring during molting, reducing the fertility of the adult generation and slowing down the growth of young insects. Abamectin disrupts the central nervous system. Insectoacaricidal preparation is clearly active against ticks, greenhouse whitefly, thrips, as well as saplings and other types of leaf beetles, against miners.

The protective effect lasts at least 3-6 weeks (the duration of the effect depends on the type of pest and the weather). The speed of action is high, the agent leads to death of insects in the first hours after treatment. Oberon Rapid is not phytotoxic when used at the recommended dosage.

What is the tool used for?

In an agricultural product, apple trees, grapes, greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes are treated. Pests: several types of ticks and whitefly.

Differs in effective action on ticks in all periods of development, has an effective mechanism of action, affects eggs (ovicidal effect), protects plants for a long time from new colonization of insects. It is not addictive, it can be used in anti-resistance programs for the protection of crops, including compatibility with biological products.

Dosage and application rules

Dosage (in liters per hectare):

  • apple tree from spider mites and brown fruit mites - 0.6;
  • grapes from spider and felt mites - 0.6-0.8;
  • cucumbers, tomatoes from spider mites and whiteflies - 0.5-0.8.

800-1200 liters of solution are consumed per hectare of apple orchards, 600-1000 liters of vineyards, 1000-3000 liters of cucumbers and tomatoes. The multiplicity of treatments is 2, repeated spraying is carried out on fruit and grapes in 30-40 days after the first, on vegetables - after 10-14. The period before the permitted harvest: for vegetables - 3 days, for grapes and apple trees - 40 days. Bees can be released in 3-7 days.

Due to its speed and long-term protection, Oberon Rapid can be used not only for destruction, but also for pest control. The temperature at which it works best: + 15-35 ˚С, but you can process plants from +10 ˚С.


Oberon Rapid, in terms of toxicity, belongs to the 3rd hazard class for people, which means low-hazard products. This insecticide is dangerous for bees (class 1), therefore, it should not be used on flowering trees and bushes in order to avoid the death of beneficial insects.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

You need to work with the product in tight clothes with long sleeves, wear a respirator or mask on your face, gloves on your hands, protect your eyes from splashing the solution with glasses. Do not remove until the end of the work. Do not drink, smoke, or eat to minimize contact with the product.

If the solution gets into your eyes, rinse them with water. If it comes into contact with the skin, then also rinse the area with water. If it enters the stomach, it is necessary to rinse. If the condition does not improve, seek medical attention.

Tool compatibility

Oberon Rapid can be combined with other insecticides and fungicides. But, in any case, you need to check the drugs for compatibility. A feature of the product is its alternation with Confidor Extra (0.05%, for root irrigation) and Movento Energy (0.04-0.05%, for leaf processing) for treatment against aphids, thrips and whiteflies.

Storage conditions for acaricide

Oberon Rapid has a long shelf life of 4 years. The insecticide must be stored in closed factory vials. Storage conditions - moderate temperature, dark and ventilated room. You can store the product next to fertilizers and other pesticides. Do not put food, medicine, animal feed, household chemicals nearby. Limit access to pesticide for children and animals.

After the shelf life has expired, it is not recommended to use the drug. The prepared solution can be saved no longer than 1 day, after which it greatly loses its effectiveness. It is recommended to dilute such a volume of solution that can be consumed during a working day. Pour the solution remaining after work.

Insecticide analogs

Oberon Rapid has no analogues in spiromesifene, the following drugs are produced with abamectin: Vermitic, Mekar, Sareip, Cleopatra, Lirum and Kraft. These products are intended for use in agriculture, industrial gardens and vineyards. In private farms for the processing of apple, currant, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers from harmful insects and ticks, you can purchase the "Biokill" product.

Oberon Rapid is used for quick control of various types of mites and insects that damage plants in the greenhouse and garden beds. Differs in speed of action and long-term protective effect. Not toxic to plants, low toxic to animals and humans, highly toxic to bees. It destroys insects and ticks at all stages of growth, and has an excellent effect on eggs. For the complete death of the population, 2 sprays are needed. The product is compatible with pesticides and biological products, and is used in anti-resistance programs.

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