Description of the tomato variety Bison yellow, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Bison yellow, its characteristics and cultivation

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Growing red tomatoes is a common thing for every summer resident. Many consider this to be the norm, and do not recognize other varieties. Tomato Bison yellow is more suitable for lovers of large-fruited tomatoes who do not have such principles. He will conquer with unpretentiousness and excellent taste of fruits.

Bison yellow traits

Tomatoes are easy to grow, the more care and time is spent on growing them, the more abundant the harvest is. The description of the variety will help in this, having studied which, the summer resident will not make mistakes when growing.


  • Indeterminate type of growth.
  • Ripens in 115-120 days.
  • Height 170 cm.


  • Shape: flat-round.
  • Yellow color.
  • Weight: 350-500 g.
  • The density is average.
  • There are few seeds.
  • The taste is great.
  • Not afraid of long distance transportation.
  • It keeps its presentation for a long time.

These characteristics of the Bison yellow variety are the selection criteria, but besides this, summer residents are interested in the question of yield, diseases and demand for care.

How to properly grow a crop on a site?

It is better to plant tomatoes in seedlings, this way the period before the start of fruiting is reduced. Seeds are sown 2 months before the expected date of planting in a permanent place. The specific date is calculated by the summer resident himself, correlating with the weather conditions of the climate in the growing region.

Seedling care is about providing access to light, heat and regular watering. The future harvest depends on high-quality seedlings.

Young seedlings need sunlight 14-16 hours a day. If there is a lack of it, additional lighting lamps are installed.

When a young plant does not have enough light, it stretches, the stem becomes thinner. Subsequently, a strong plant will not work out of it.

You cannot pour tomatoes, but they should not dry out either. For top dressing, growth stimulants or complex mineral fertilizers are used.

When planting in a permanent place, 4-5 plants are placed per 1 m2... Further care is as follows:

  1. Regular watering. Plants are best watered with warm water in the evening.
  2. Hilling and loosening. Oxygen access to roots and moisture retention.
  3. Weeding. Weed removal as a prophylaxis against diseases and attacks of insect pests.
  4. Shaping and tying is a must for indeterminate varieties. A yellow bison is formed into 2 stems and tied to supports. The stepsons are removed.
  5. Top dressing. Without it, it is difficult for plants to cope with some diseases, and to give the maximum yield. It is carried out at least 3 times per season, after transplanting in 7-10 days, during the period of budding and fruit formation. For this purpose, mineral complex fertilizers are used, and organic matter alternating between them.

Care is not easy, but by fulfilling the requirements, the summer resident receives tasty fruits in large quantities.

Immunity of tomato Bison yellow

A significant disadvantage of the variety is that it is not immune to disease. In order not to lose the harvest, preventive measures are taken.

It is important to remember that treatment with chemicals is possible only before flowering, then it is advisable to use folk methods of struggle (dusting with wood ash, spraying with onion broth and many others).

Advantages of the variety

Any variety has advantages over other varieties, but many are equal. Bison yellow has many advantages, which cover the presence of a small amount of negative properties.


  • Large fruit size, high density.
  • High yield 6.5 kg from 1 m2.
  • Great taste.
  • Transferring transportation and maintaining a presentation.


  • Demanding to form.
  • Susceptible to disease.

What do summer residents say about the Bison yellow variety?

No matter how beautifully the producers paint the variety, the gardener is looking for feedback from those who grew a tomato on their site.

Anna: “Excellent variety, not suitable for salting. But there is always a place for him on the table. Looks very colorful in the same cup with red tomatoes. Delicious fresh. "

Natalia: “The favorite among large-fruited tomatoes. The yield is so high that wooden supports cannot withstand. We have to change to metal ones ”.

Lovers of yellow-fruited tomatoes will surely appreciate Yellow Bison for its excellent taste.

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