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What can be planted in the shade

What can be planted in the shade

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Hello, tell me, what can be planted in the shade?


Depends on what kind of plant culture you have in mind. Shrubs, flowers, vegetables. The choice is very wide. Judging by the fact that you have chosen a heading: Vegetable garden, I will assume that we are talking about vegetables. One thing must be taken into account: in the southern strip of Russia, almost any crops can be grown in the shade, medium depending on weather conditions and the degree of shadowing of the shadow areas. Shade-loving vegetables: beans, all kinds of greens, garlic, onions, horseradish, lettuce, cabbage, etc. Many vegetable crops do not like direct sunlight. From spices: tarragon (tarragon), lemon balm, mint. Of the berries in the shade, they feel good: currants, strawberries, fragrant raspberries.

Each gardener has to find his crops by trial and error. Experiment, watch for germination. So you will definitely find your shade-loving plants.


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