Description and characteristics of quail of the tenebrosis breed, diet and breeding

Description and characteristics of quail of the tenebrosis breed, diet and breeding

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Tenebrosis quails are very popular among farmers. These birds are distinguished by high meat productivity and produce tasty eggs. For birds to be successful, they need careful grooming. In this case, it is important to monitor the parameters of temperature and humidity. Compliance with the rules of feeding birds is of great importance. It is also worthwhile to engage in the prevention of pathologies.

Description and characteristics of the breed

Tenebrosis is a new German breed that was bred on the basis of the Moscow black quail. These birds belong to the meat sector. They are a source of delicious meat and are great for breeding.

Lush feathers are characteristic of the birds. They have a strong and solid build with well-developed muscles. The skeleton is considered strong and light at the same time. The birds have well-developed wings and short, strong legs.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Birds have rather dark meat, which makes them not very attractive. At the same time, the product is distinguished by its high taste.

Pros and cons of the tenebrosis breed

high meat productivity;

ease of growing;

dietary properties of meat;

strong immunity.

the need to maintain the temperature regime;

the need for careful selection of individuals for breeding;

the need to keep the bird without food before feeding.

Maintenance, nutrition, care

These birds need to be kept warm enough. With readings less than +15 degrees, they stop laying eggs. It is recommended to keep birds in cages, not in aviaries. For 1 male and 4 females, a cage measuring 30x30 centimeters and a height of 25-30 centimeters is enough. It is recommended to fix the feeders outside. This will help avoid raking the feed. Drinking bowls are attached depending on the design of the cage - outside or inside.

Birds are shy, so it is important to avoid loud noises or sloppy movements. To prevent problems, the cages should be installed in a quiet and peaceful place.

It is important to ensure that there are no drafts in the room. Heating should be provided in winter and ventilation in summer. The optimal temperature regime should be + 18-22 degrees. In this case, humidity indicators should be 50-70%. Quails do not tolerate dry air or high humidity. If the room is too dry, it is recommended to place containers with water near the cages and constantly wet cleaning.

Quails have enough natural light. However, it should not be too bright. It is important to ensure that the birds are not exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, they will start pecking at each other.

Daylight hours should be at least 17 hours. Therefore, in winter, it is required to use artificial lighting sources. If you provide the quails with 24/7 lighting, they will produce a lot of eggs. However, there is a risk of increased feed costs and rapid deterioration of the body.

Beef quails require proper nutrition, which contributes to rapid weight gain. The feed should contain an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals. Birds should definitely be given greens. The diet of birds should contain the following foods:

  • 30% wheat;
  • 15% cake;
  • 15% fishmeal;
  • 25% corn;
  • 5% crushed shells;
  • 5% pearl barley.

Birds are advised to be given vitamins every day. It is also permissible to use chopped carrots, cabbage, greens.

Breeding subtleties

Quail eggs do not hatch eggs on their own. Therefore, for their cultivation, it is required to use special incubators. To achieve fertilization of eggs, a maximum of 3-4 females should be planted with each male.

For reproduction, it is worth using vigorous birds that do not show signs of exhaustion or obesity. Feathers in the area of ​​the cloaca must be clean.

Inspection of the quail's beak is of no small importance. It should be dry and even. The hallmark of a good bird is a clean, clean appearance. For breeding, it is worth using females aged 3-8 months. Males should be 3-6 months old.

For hatching chicks, it is permissible to use simple manual incubators or more complex automatic models. For setting, it is recommended to use eggs that were harvested a maximum of a week ago. After laying the eggs, the chicks appear in 17 days. They should be placed in a brooder.

Possible diseases

Quail diseases are infectious and non-infectious. The second category of pathologies is due to the wrong content. If the diet is disturbed, there is a risk of developing vitamin deficiency, improper formation of the eggshell, prolapse of the oviduct with the egg. To avoid the development of pathologies, it is worth monitoring the absence of drafts and temperature. Young birds need a temperature of + 22-24 degrees. For older quails, + 16-17 degrees is enough.

There is a risk of pecking or cannibalism in case of violation of the norms for planting birds, excessive light or exposure to direct sunlight. There is also a high likelihood of alopecia. It is characterized by abundant feather loss.

The main signs of pathologies include general weakness, passivity, excessive drowsiness of birds, and loss of appetite. In such a situation, it is worth moving the bird to quarantine. It is also recommended to plant birds that have been damaged or suffered as a result of pecking.

Tenebrosis quails are distinguished by high meat productivity. To succeed in breeding them, it is important to provide the birds with good care. Balanced nutrition and disease prevention are essential.

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