Description of the tomato variety Admiralteysky and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Admiralteysky and its characteristics

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Gardeners in regions with short, cool summers dream of growing tomatoes outdoors. The Admiralteyskiy tomato ripens under unfavorable conditions. He gives delicious fruits already in July. The berries are completely removed before August 15.

What attracts gardeners

This tomato variety was developed by breeders of St. Petersburg. Objective: To create a plant capable of producing crops in high light, humidity and moderate summer temperatures.

The product turned out to be successful. The short summer of the Leningrad Region does not prevent the ripening of tomatoes. Description of the variety:

  • bears fruit in open ground and under shelters made of film, non-woven material;
  • early maturing (from germination to the first sample <100 days);
  • tomato-child, not higher than 0.7 m;
  • prone to growing leaf mass;
  • dark green small plates;
  • amicable maturation (two waves);
  • short gaps between leaves;
  • for large fruits of early ripening, plant formation is required;
  • adherence to the rules of planting and care will ensure a yield of up to 8 kg / m².

Admiralteysky "runs away" from phytophthora due to the early ripening of tomatoes. Not affected by cladosporia, gray rot.

What will please the Admiralteysky

Often, improving one indicator of a variety reduces others. Early ripening of the Admiralty does not affect the taste of the fruit. Characteristics of tomatoes:

  • heavy tomatoes (200 - 210 g);
  • dense, juicy pulp;
  • unripe fruits are green, ripe fruits are red;
  • poorly pronounced ribbing;
  • spherical shape, flattened at the noses and stalks;
  • dense rind;
  • the taste is sweet and sour;
  • intense "tomato" aroma.

Breeders have created a universal variety. Admiralty fruits are delicious in salads, canapes. The skin does not crack during heat treatment, the pulp does not spread. Berries decorate the vegetable platter. Juice and pasta will diversify the winter menu.

How to grow fruit baskets

Early tomatoes require strict adherence to the recommendations of agricultural technicians. Only in this case will the fruits ripen on time, the size and taste will be as indicated on the label. The cultivation is different from the usual one. Rules:

  • sow seedlings no earlier than the last decade of March;
  • after the appearance of the loops, place the container on a light, cool windowsill;
  • create a long daylight hours using an agrolamp (16-18 hours);
  • a dive with deepening is required;
  • observe the rule: underfilling is better than waterlogging;
  • be sure to temper young tomatoes;
  • apply top dressing to the soil and on the sheet;
  • plant on ridges at an earth temperature of 20 ° C and above;
  • do not exceed 5 tomatoes per m²;
  • watering is rare (once every 15 days), but abundant (about 7 l / bush);
  • form into 2 stems, pinch;
  • the bush overloads itself with fruits: a garter is required;
  • be sure to feed (especially during the formation of ovaries and ripening of tomatoes).

To get a good harvest, gardeners will have to work hard. Nitrogen provokes the growth of green mass, it should be introduced with caution. The schedule of mineral fertilizing is required to be observed. With the coming cold snap, tomatoes are recommended to be harvested. They mature in a dark closet.

What gardeners say about the Admiralty

The variety is loved by gardeners. They named it among the top 10 tomatoes. The reviews have been extremely good since 1999. People like: taste, commercial quality of berries, early maturity. Attracted by the versatile use of the fruit. Admiralteyskiy "registered" in the dacha plots.

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