Instructions for use and composition of insecticide 30 Plus, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of insecticide 30 Plus, dosage and analogues

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Many species of insects that harm gardens, hibernate under bark or in fallen leaves, reactivate with the onset of spring. At this time, they are destroyed with insecticides. Let's consider the composition and active substance "30 Plus", the principle of action, purpose, use according to the instructions. Rules and terms of storage of funds, drugs with which it can be replaced.

Active ingredient and preparative form

The composition of the "30 Plus" contains vaseline oil in the amount of 760 g. It is produced in the form of a mineral oil emulsion, poured in bottles of 0.25, 0.5 and 1.5 liters. According to the method of penetration, it belongs to contact pesticides, according to the effect on pests - to acaricides, insecticides and ovicides.

The principle of action of the tool

During spraying, the oil gets on the plants and gets on the pests, a thin film forms. Vaseline oil acts on larvae and eggs, partly on adult insects. The film greatly disrupts the air and water balance, which is why the pests die in 0.5-1 days. Protection lasts 5-10 days.

Prescription of the drug "30 Plus"

To protect agricultural crops from pests of different types. Protects fruit, berry bushes, grapes, ornamental plants, citrus fruits. It is used for spraying in early spring, before the buds open, or in the stage of relative dormancy of plants. The tool destroys pests in the wintering stages. The list includes such species as scale insects, ticks, pseudo scale insects, coppers, moths, aphids, scale insects; citrus fruits are also sprayed from whiteflies.

Instructions for use

Treatment with the "30 Plus" insecticide is carried out in early spring, before the buds bloom on the plants, when the temperature rises above +4 ° C. On ornamental crops, spraying from scale insects is carried out in the summer, when 1 and 2 generations of larvae appear.

Shake the oil before use. To prepare the emulsion, add oil to water, stir. Spray branches and trunks of bushes and trees with a solution. Shake the solution during spraying, do not use for more than 2 hours after preparation.

For processing, choose dry weather, no wind. Moisten the surface of the bark with the solution evenly. It is enough to do only 1 treatment, on ornamental plants - 2: the first - in the spring, the second - when the scale insects appear.

Application rate (in liters per hectare):

  • fruit, bushes and ornamental plants - 40-100;
  • citrus and decorative in summer - 20-50;
  • grapes - 12-37.

Consumption "30 Plus" for trees 1000-1500 liters per hectare, for bushes and grapes - 800-1200 liters, citrus - 2000-4000 liters, for decorative - 800-1500 liters, in summer - 1000-1500 liters.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

In private household plots, the rate of application is 5 g per 10 liters. They process the same crops from the same pests, spending 2-5 liters per tree, up to 2 liters per bush, 4-10 liters per tree for citrus fruits, 10 liters per one hundred square meters and grapes - 2-5 liters when processing ornamental plants on the bush. One-time processing.

There is no waiting period due to the complete environmental safety and non-toxicity of the "30 Plus" product. You can work on the treated area in 2 days.

Safety measure when using

Vaseline oil is non-toxic, safe for humans, animals, bees and insects, plants. The toxicity class of the drug is defined as 3 for humans and bees. But for fish and aquatic inhabitants, it can be dangerous, therefore, it cannot be used in areas located near water bodies.

For the preparation of the "30 Plus" emulsion, do not use food utensils. Spraying should be carried out without bystanders, use protective clothing, wear goggles, a respirator, rubber gloves. It is forbidden to drink, smoke, eat while work is in progress. After work, you must thoroughly wash your face and hands with soapy water, rinse your mouth with clean water. Rinse off splashes on the skin with water, rinse the eyes, if the solution gets into them.

What can you combine with?

"30 Plus" can be combined with drugs other than those that contain sulfur. It is considered an excellent base for tank mixes, while mixing at the same time reduces cost and enhances efficiency. "30 Plus" is also used against diseases of fruit trees, they are sprayed with a mixture of this insecticide and copper sulfate. General use with FOS is allowed.

When mixing products, the compatibility of which is unknown, you must first carry out a test mixing in a separate container. Take a few ml of both drugs, mix and check if they react. If the initial chemical or physical characteristics of the liquids change, the agents must not be mixed.

Insecticide storage rules

"30 Plus" can be stored for 2 years. All this time, it must be kept in factory intact vials, the lids must be tightly closed. In a leaky container, the drug is stored less. Storage conditions: temperature - from -25 ° С to +25 ° С, darkened, well-ventilated and always dry room. Other agricultural chemicals and fertilizers can be stored in the same warehouse. Do not save working solution.

What can be replaced?

For use in the agricultural sector "30 Plus" has no analogues in terms of the active substance. For use in private households, you can choose one of the insecticides with vaseline oil: "Prophylactin", "Prophylactin Light" or "Prophylactin Bio". They are produced in the form of an aqueous emulsion.

"30 Plus" does not contain synthetic substances that are strong on the body, it has a unique mode of action on insect pests. It is used to prevent the development of insects from hibernating stages. For this, the plants are sprayed in the spring, before their activity begins. In order for all pests to die as a result of treatment, spraying must be carried out on time and carefully: the entire surface of the bark of a tree or bush must be wetted. If everything is done correctly, a one-time treatment will be enough for the pests to disappear.

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