How to deal with aphids on cabbage using folk methods than to process at home

How to deal with aphids on cabbage using folk methods than to process at home

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People who grow cabbage are faced with the fact that it quite often gets sick and suffers from pests. One of the most common problems is the appearance of aphids. If you do not use the aphid remedies in a timely manner, then it will destroy the entire crop within a few days.

Therefore, it is recommended to think in advance about how to get rid of aphids on cabbage. There are many different tools that can help solve this problem.

Short description

Before treating cabbage for aphids, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of this cabbage pest. Aphids are a group of half-winged insects that feed on the sap of young plants. The insect attacks not only cabbage, but also radishes, turnips, daikon, radish and other vegetables. If aphids appear on the cabbage, then you need to take action immediately.

Affected bushes begin to lose chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. If you do not take methods to combat aphids on cabbage, then the plant will gradually turn yellow and dry.

Most often, aphids appear on cabbage in early spring, when the air temperature warms up to ten degrees. These conditions are optimal for the emergence of new larvae. Insects develop gradually. In the absence of treatments, by the beginning of summer, aphids will be on all cabbage bushes.

In vegetable gardens, aphids appear after the female flies there. She begins to lay the larvae, which over time becomes more and more. Most often, young individuals grow on last year's plant remains. It is from there that they gradually move to young cabbage seedlings. Another common source of infection is ants, which in summer can carry larvae to growing plants.

Some gardeners do not notice the appearance of aphids, since the pest must first multiply on the lower part of the bushes. However, over time, they spread to the rest of the plant and the damage becomes obvious. The cabbage leaf fades and becomes more fragile. The area between the veins begins to dry out gradually, and the bush itself practically stops growing.

Over time, the sheet begins to deform and become covered with a gray bloom. Also, white spots sometimes appear on it.

Aphids have a short life cycle, but this does not mean that you can not remove aphids from the bushes. Aphid control measures must be taken without fail. This is the only way to save young cabbage bushes.

Folk ways

Some want to get rid of pests without chemicals and other drugs that can harm the bushes. That is why many vegetable growers are trying to remove aphids on cabbage with folk remedies. Before using them, you need to find out how to spray cabbage at home and how to deal with aphids on cabbage using folk methods.

Decoctions from plants

Such folk remedies for aphids are one of the most common and effective methods of pest control. The herbs have antifeeding and insecticidal properties that help get rid of aphids.

To remove aphids from bushes and further protect them, you can water the cabbage with a decoction of tobacco. To prepare it, 200 grams of small tobacco leaves are infused in a five-liter jar with boiled water. After that, the broth is boiled for several hours over low heat and ash is added to it. You need to poison aphids with the prepared product 2-3 times a week.

Also, in the fight against insects, a solution prepared from garlic against aphids and onions is used. Making such a mixture is quite simple if you follow a certain sequence. To begin with, 40 grams of chopped onion heads are mixed with a liter of water and infused for five hours. In parallel with this, a garlic tincture is prepared from 200 grams of garlic and two liters of water. It should also be infused for 5-7 hours. After that, you can start using the prepared products. First you need to sprinkle the cabbage with onion tincture, after which each leaf is treated with a garlic solution.

Quite often, the fight against aphids is carried out with a solution, which includes ordinary water and mustard. It also helps to get rid of ants, which are most often the main cause of the spread of pests. To get rid of them, it is necessary to treat the places where ants accumulate with mustard powder. They will have to disappear the next day. To process cabbage bushes, you need to make a special mixture: 100 grams of powder is mixed with 10 liters of water.

You can scare off pests from cabbage bushes in the garden with the help of bay leaves. For this, a laurel leaf is placed next to each plant. This will be enough to keep ants and aphids away from the cabbage.

Kitchen tools

Sometimes with the help of vegetable infusion it is not possible to get rid of aphids on the bushes. In this case, you can use the kitchen methods.

Often, the bushes are watered with a mixture of water and sunflower oil. To prepare it, add a liter of oil to a bucket of liquid. Then water only those bushes with large colonies of pests. It is enough to use this remedy only 2-3 times per season.

Another common kitchen remedy is the use of essential oils. Cedarwood, tea tree or lavender oils are added to a shot of cream. Then the mixture is thoroughly mixed and filled with several liters of water. To destroy aphids, it is enough to carry out three sprays during the week.

One of the more unusual kitchen pest control methods on cabbage is the use of Coca-Cola. To do this, a special spray is put on the bottle with the drink, after which it is sprayed with each cabbage leaf. This method is quite effective, since cola contains phosphoric acids, which have a detrimental effect on aphids.

For greenhouse cabbage, you can use the tobacco fumigation method. For this, a small fire is made in an iron container, into which tobacco dust is poured. Over time, white smoke will start to appear. Immediately thereafter, all greenhouse doors and windows are closed for several hours. When killing insects by fumigating, you need to be very careful and watch the fire.

Effective drugs

Before treating aphids on cabbage, you need to study the most common preparations that can be purchased in the store.


The use of this remedy for aphids on cabbage helps to completely get rid of pests. It has an intestinal and contact effect that destroys aphids. With Deltamethrin, you can treat the plant several times a month. Do not use it too often, as its protective effect disappears only two weeks after application. To prepare a working solution, 30 grams of the drug are mixed with a liter of water.

It is necessary to use Deltamethrin only in calm and calm weather, so that gusts of wind do not interfere with the processing of cabbage bushes.


Many people do not know how to deal with aphids on cabbage and what drugs to use for this. To do this, you can use the insecticide Karbofos. This tool is popular among many gardeners, as it will help get rid of not only aphids, but also many other pests of kaputa. The main active agent is malathion, which forms an emulsion after contact with water.

The main method of using Karbofos is spraying. However, before using it, you must prepare a solution and water the cabbage. For this, 100 grams of the drug is mixed with 10 liters of water and infused for 10-15 minutes.


Seyfos is used to treat cabbage from aphids only if the young seedlings were not sprayed before planting. This drug is a real aphid poison that will save cabbage. Its use is guaranteed to clear the bushes from pests. To prepare the mixture, add 10 grams of the drug to 10 liters of water. It is recommended to process each cabbage leaf in the evening, when the weather is calm outside. If you poison the pests for several days, then in 2-4 days it will be possible to completely remove the aphids from the cabbage.


Getting rid of aphids on cabbage is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with how to spray plants and how to protect cabbage from pests.

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