Characteristics and description of the Abakansky pink tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Abakansky pink tomato variety, its yield

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The Abakan pink tomato was bred in Russia in the Altai Mountains. Experts have made it possible for a variety to be born, which is optimal for difficult Russian conditions, including Siberia and the Far East.

The culture is not yet as common as other popular varieties. Nevertheless, the tomato already has its audience of fans. There are good reasons for this, emanating from its characteristics.

The main features of the variety

This tomato belongs to the mid-late salad varieties, because in many regions of Russia summer is never early. Therefore, the first fruits can be tasted in 110-120 days. But this does not mean that the Abakan pink tomato variety does not have the opportunity to ripen in the southern regions.

On the contrary, the culture will bear fruit throughout the summer period, only at the beginning of the season will tomatoes of early varieties be ready, and then the hero of our article.

So, the fruiting period of the described variety is extended. This, of course, pleases all avid gardeners, and its yield during the season, according to reviews, is simply amazing. Despite the fact that the plant reaches about 80 centimeters in length, about 5 kilograms of tasty and juicy fruits are harvested from one square meter.

The characteristics and description of the Abakan pink tomato variety also include its good immunity to diseases and harmful insects. This culture practically does not get sick, thereby making it possible to abandon chemicals. Even problems with the notorious Colorado potato beetle will appear only at the planting stage and in the fall; interest for the insect will be caused by the fruits of an unripe property, then the beetle will not harm this tomato. All that remains is to process the seedlings themselves with a pesticide close to you.

About the basic features of the "Abakan pink" tomato

  1. As for the bush, the variety is of a determinant type, with a limited height. They differ from indeterminate ones in the absence of growth of the central apex due to restrictions on the part of the hand.
  2. At the very height, the culture is of medium size. In greenhouse conditions, they can reach one and a half meters, but in open soil, the maximum growth of these tomatoes is no more than 80 cm.
  3. As follows from the point above, this tomato is grown both under film and in an open way. Despite the twofold difference in height, the yield is the same.
  4. The tomato has a simple inflorescence.
  5. The characteristic of the leaves is quite standard: medium size and green. The main feature is their small number. Therefore, those who planted this crop know that it is important to protect the "Abakan Pink" from the direct sun.
  6. The cultivar requires a garter and shaping. The latter is preferable to perform in two stems.
  7. One flower brush with the prescribed care yields 5-6 tomatoes.

It is recommended to plant "Abakan pink" after cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers or legumes.

Fruit characteristics

Being a salad variety, this tomato is endowed with both wonderful taste and external beauty of rather large fruits.

  • By weight, each fruit comes out about three hundred grams, and with proper care and desire - even a pound or more.
  • The fruits are very fleshy, hearty, large, have a classic aroma and rich taste with sourness.
  • Tomatoes resemble the "Bull Heart" variety. In the mature stage, the fruits are red-pink in color. And although the latter is in the name of the variety, this tomato is red in color, but its skin and flesh are really pink.
  • The heart-shaped shape, which is typical for the variety, can coexist with flat and rounded varieties on the same bush.
  • The fruit has six seed nests with a small number of seeds.
  • Tomatoes have medium density and ribbing.
  • The variety is used in a universal way fresh, for obtaining various juices and canned food.
  • The juice of this tomato has from 4.5% to 5% dry matter and up to 4% sugar.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those who have already grown the described variety managed to enjoy all the positive aspects of it:

  1. Wonderful full-bodied taste.
  2. The real heroic weight of the fruit is up to 800 grams.
  3. Lack of external crackling.
  4. Impeccable presentation.
  5. Positive exposure to mineral fertilizers.
  6. Lack of problems during transportation.
  7. Impressive yields regardless of planting method.

Of course, there are some negative aspects of this tomato, with which experienced gardeners associate the not quite developed popularity of this variety:

  1. Short storage of fruits - no more than 60 days outside processing.
  2. The need for tying.
  3. Mandatory pinching and regular watering.
  4. A stalk that does not differ in strength, characteristic of bushes about one and a half meters in greenhouse conditions.

However, these small inconveniences do not overshadow the undeniable advantages of this variety. And any housewife who herself has grown "Abakan Pink" will be proud of the result and quality of the dishes prepared with these vegetables. The bush gives an optimal yield, for which you should follow the appropriate recommendations and proper care of the crop.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the described tomato has been included in the register of selection achievements in Russia for 10 years already for growing both on open land and under a film opening in private household plots.

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