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How to get rid of scaffolds on a lemon

How to get rid of scaffolds on a lemon

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A scaffold attacked a room lemon, I think with a transplant soil. I tried to process with kerosene, it became much less. I’ve been tormented for 2 years, in the autumn it bloomed again, even several fruits fell off. Tell me how to get rid of this scourge.


From my personal experience I know how hard it is to get rid of the invasion of scale insects. My shield attacked the spathiphyllum, the flower began to fade, stopped growing. At that moment, when I understood what was happening, the shitovka had already multiplied with all the leaves and interstemal cracks. It became clear that one method could not be dealt with here. First of all, I wiped all the leaves and stems of the flower with soapy water, and where it was not possible to wipe, there I just sprayed it. I repeated such a shower once a week, after covering it with an earthen lump in a pot with polyethylene. Between showers, she was sprayed with Actellik (1 amp per 1 liter of water). With a soft old toothbrush, I removed it in hand guards and smeared the places of removal with gruel of chopped onions. Such an intense struggle allowed getting rid of scale insects in 1 month. Since then, this pest no longer bothered my flowers.


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