Description and characteristics of the Graf Ezzo apple tree, advantages and disadvantages, yield

Description and characteristics of the Graf Ezzo apple tree, advantages and disadvantages, yield

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Juicy fruits from the Graf Ezzo apple tree will not leave anyone indifferent. Apples from such trees look tempting, and they taste as extraordinarily juicy as they seem at first sight. A late dessert variety will take root even in the Siberian regions, since this apple tree is resistant even to sudden frosts. By planting such a tree in the garden, you can provide seven vitamins for the whole winter.

The history of the creation of the variety

A German bred apple variety called Graf Ezzo was first produced at the Klein-Altendorf station by self-pollination of the Gloucester variety. Before such a variety of trees began to spread throughout European countries, experts thoroughly tested it.

Further, Count Ezzo began to grow in the Ukrainian forest-steppe. After these tests, apples gained popularity among gardeners. Later they began to grow it on the territory of the Russian Federation. Thanks to its delicious and mouth-watering fruits, this new variety has become popular in many countries.

Description of the apple tree Count Ezzo

Compared to the Gloucester variety, from which Count Ezzo descended, his trees are undersized. They begin to bear fruit faster, which reduces waste on additional groundbait and fertilizers.

The product is described as follows: large vitamin fruits of late ripening are mainly intended for use in the winter season.

Varieties of varieties

Count Ezzo belongs to artificially bred varieties, but there are some analogues of apple trees that are similar to him:

  • Idared - bred in the United States, in Idaho. It has large red fruits with a pinkish blush;
  • Ambrosia is a Canadian selection of apples. The skin of the fruits is glossy, with a reddish blush, the apples themselves are conical;
  • Breburn Hill Well are apple trees native to New Zealand. The fruits are large, round, with a glossy skin and a red blush;
  • Gloucester - from him came the Count Ezzo variety. The fruits of these apple trees have a conical large shape, a red peel and a slightly pinkish blush.

It is worth noting: such varieties as Perlina Kiev, Revena, Red Delicious, Scythian gold are similar in appearance and taste to Count Ezzo.

Additional characteristics

The variety, bred in Germany, passed many tests and was accepted for production and cultivation in Europe. Its advantages include:

  • a short time from planting a tree to collecting fruit from it;
  • resistance to severe weather conditions;
  • increased productivity.

Despite the advantages, there is one drawback - Count Ezzo often has a weak immunity to diseases and pests.

Dimensions (edit)

The dwarf hybrid grows 2-3 meters in height, but the crown of the tree is wide and spreading. The apple tree reaches its maximum growth peak by the age of 7 years. At a young age, the apple tree may have a pyramidal crown, but over time it becomes wider and rounder.

Annual growth

The variety has an average growth in 1 year, for example, side branches can grow by 10 centimeters. If the branch is at an angle of 45 degrees, then it grows 40-50 centimeters. With proper feeding, side branches can grow up to 70 centimeters per year.

A small increase can only be in case of scarcity of soil, insufficient amount of light, when apple trees are thickened or infested with pests. If the tree has already reached the age of five and does not grow in any way, then it is better to plant a new one, since it can be extremely difficult to put in order a neglected apple tree.

Fruiting frequency

With a stunted rootstock, the apple tree can bloom as early as the second year after planting. But still, it is better to cut flowers during this period so that the tree directs all the forces to the development of the crown and root system. In the third year, the flowers can be left, the harvest may already be decent enough.

The apple tree blooms annually, but for a short time. The buds bloom together. Since the tree belongs to a winter dessert variety, accordingly, the fruits ripen late. Harvesting is usually scheduled for late September to mid-October.

The fruits can be eaten immediately after they have been removed from the branches. But if you hold them for two weeks in a cool dry place, then their taste will change.

Fruit assessment

The hybrid produces medium-sized fruits (up to 200 grams), but of high quality. Apples taste moderately sweet and sour. The pulp of the fruit is juicy, fine-grained in structure. In shape, the apples are slightly elongated, rounded, with slight ribbing.

Often the color of the fruits of Count Ezzo is greenish, with a reddish indistinct blush. When stored for a long time, apples do not lose their beneficial properties. The variety is suitable for making preserves, jams, marmalades, compotes.

The pulp is not quite dense; when biting through, a rich, pleasant apple aroma and a sweetish-sour taste are revealed. At the tasting, Count Ezzo received a 4.8 out of 5 points.

Frost resistance

The variety is quite resistant to winter frosts, even long-term ones. It survives winter and sudden spring or autumn frosts very well. Due to the fact that the hybrid was created artificially, resistance to cold was taken into account when breeding it.

Pests and diseases

When tested in cold rainy seasons, it performed well. Count Ezzo is resistant to scab and aphids. Also, trees are not prone to strong attacks by ticks, caterpillars and ants.

Worth knowing: in the spring, it is recommended to spray the apple tree 2-3 times with preparations containing copper sulfate in order to increase the yield.

In which region is it better to grow?

A good area for growing the variety is the central part of Europe. Due to frost resistance, it gives a good harvest in the forest-steppe of Ukraine and in the north-western part of the Russian Federation.

The favorable climate is temperate continental. The soil is suitable loamy, sandy loam, sod-podzolic. If you grow such an apple tree in the suburbs, then it is worth considering several features:

  • if the year turned out to be wet, then it is worth carrying out active prevention against harmful insects;
  • regular watering is required;
  • pruning.


It is worth trying to plant the apple tree Count Ezzo in the garden for the sake of ripe and mouth-watering fruits. Caring for such a tree is not difficult, even if this is the first planting.

The harvest from this hybrid will be good not only in twists, but also when consumed fresh.

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