Description of the Prune tomato variety, recommendations for cultivation and care

Description of the Prune tomato variety, recommendations for cultivation and care

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The assortment of tomato seeds for cultivation is very large and is constantly updated with new products, but some varieties will never become a thing of the past. Tomato Prunes were bred by Russian breeders in the last century, but they still continue to delight vegetable growers.

Features of the variety

This tall tomato with beautiful fruits is renowned for fantastic yields. The prune is a mid-season variety with an increased duration of fruiting. Fruit ripening occurs in 110-120 days from the moment of germination and continues until the end of September.

Description of the plant:

  • Bushes of indeterminate type, unlimited in growth.
  • The brush is simple and dense, 6–8 fruits each. In favorable growing conditions, the brush can bifurcate, become complex, then there will be much more fruits.
  • Tomato is unpretentious and highly resistant to most tomato diseases, including late blight.

Fruit characteristics:

  • the shape of the fruit is elongated, plum-shaped;
  • the rind is dense and shiny;
  • fruit weight varies from 40 to 120 grams;
  • ripe tomatoes become dark red with a shade of chocolate;
  • the pulp is fleshy and juicy, dark in color;
  • the composition is characterized by a high content of vitamins;
  • deep velvet aroma;
  • rich taste, with a rich sweet aftertaste.

The size of the tomatoes is ideal for preservation, and the taste of prunes is more a dessert than a salad variety.

Growing tips

The Prune variety is recommended for cultivation both in the open field and in greenhouse conditions. But judging by the reviews of experienced gardeners, the tomato still feels most comfortable in greenhouses and film shelters. Agrotechnics:

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings is recommended from March to April.
  • They begin to plant young bushes in greenhouses and hotbeds from mid-May. Outdoors - in the first two weeks of June.
  • The tomato has shown the best results when forming bushes in one stem, but it is also possible to form in two stems. It is important to remove all stepchildren and old leaves on time.
  • Timely feeding with mineral mixtures will allow you to get a larger crop.
  • Plants do not require painstaking care and abundant watering. During active growth, it is recommended to water only when the soil is completely dry.
  • To increase the immunity of plants, it is recommended to mulch the soil with straw or sawdust.

The time-tested Prune tomato from the Biotekhnika trademark will become a decoration first for the greenhouse, and then for the table.


Polina Kislova, Oryol:

“I have been growing the Prune tomato variety for many years. The yield is always consistently high, the tomatoes are even and beautiful. Ideal for salting. "

Mikhail Soikin, Krasnoyarsk:

“Prunes will never fail. Productivity and taste are always at their best ”.

Dmitry Rylov, Pyatigorsk:

“An early variety, bears fruit until late autumn. The taste is excellent. It is equally good both fresh and canned. "

Svetlana Efimova, Volgograd:

“I planted prunes for the first time, grown in a greenhouse. The variety is really surprisingly unpretentious. The tomatoes are delicious and beautiful, with a chocolate tint, as stated in the description. I will plant again next season. "

Yana Romanenko, Labinsk:

“The variety has established itself as a reliable and high-yielding variety. The fruit has an unusual shape, and the color resembles a mahogany. Fleshy tomatoes, moderately juicy and sweet, give the dishes a pleasant dark shade. "

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