Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Black gourmet

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Black gourmet

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There are many tomato lovers among gardeners who annually replenish their collections with new varieties and hybrids. It is worth trying the Black Gourmet tomato from the Vkusnoteka seed series. Its round, uniform fruits are good fresh and for pickling.

About the grade

The newest series of black-fruited tomatoes of the Poisk agrofirm includes this variety, which has been entered into the state register since 2015. Characteristics of the Black Gourmet variety in terms of ripening - mid-season, type of bush - indeterminate, vigorous - up to 1.8 m. Flowers are simple, collected in inflorescences - brushes, in which more than 10 fruits are formed. Recommended for cultivation in greenhouses, where it is led in 1 or 2 stems with a garter to the support.

The description of the variety given in the register of varieties indicates that the fruits of the Black Gourmet tomato are round in shape, dense, their weight is from 80 to 110 g, the so-called black pulp is formed by a dark green pulp covered with a rich red skin. The seed chambers are large, there are 4-6 of them. The seeds are large, easily separated from the juice. The yield per square meter is over 5 kg. This tomato has high dessert qualities, the skin is thin and resistant to cracking. Fruiting is very long. Good in salads, for pickling and juices.

Content of nutrients

Black chokeberry is a dietary product, it is nutritious, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and organic acids. The calorie content of 100 g of the product is almost 20 kcal. Other beneficial properties of black tomatoes include:

  • high fiber content;
  • the presence of vegetable protein - over 1%;
  • many carotenoids;
  • high content of B vitamins;
  • high content of folic and ascorbic acid - up to 45 mg / 100 g;
  • contain choline;
  • contain anthocyanins.

The dark color of the pulp and skin is due to the combination of pigments and the presence of a large amount of anthocyanins, which are beneficial for the intestines.

Anthocyanins are natural colorants and are water-soluble. The manifestation of the color of anthocyanins depends on the acidity of the solution; they are produced as a food additive E 163.

Growing recommendations

The bushes are grown in a film greenhouse. They are tied to the frame at a height of 2 m. The stepchildren should be regularly removed when they do not exceed 2-3 cm. If the seedlings are planted in early May, then the harvest will be already in the first decade of July and will continue until October. Delicious salads for the whole season are provided.

The success of growing tomato Black gourmet depends largely on the quality of the seedlings. Seedlings for planting indeterminate tomatoes should be 60-65 days old. The bushes are vigorous, so you need to make sure that the seedlings do not stretch out. For this, the temperature at night in the greenhouse is reduced, the illumination of the plants is increased and the plants are fed with fertilizers.

Tomato seedlings are fertilized every 10-14 days. Tomatoes are responsive to fertilizers that contain humic acids. In the initial period of growth, fertilizers containing nitrogen are needed.

In the future, you can alternate feeding with humic and conventional mineral fertilizers. And also the method of fertilization alternates: under the root and foliar method.

In the summer, in the greenhouse, it is difficult to maintain the optimum temperature. It is often very hot there and the temperature is prohibitively high. If the greenhouse is a film greenhouse, then you can remove part of the film by opening the opposite sides of the greenhouse for ventilation. If the greenhouse is glass, then the glass can be covered with whitewash, which is easily washed off. So it will be cooler in the greenhouse, and there will be enough light in any case. You need to water the tomato in the greenhouse 2-3 times a week.

Planting soil

Vigorous tomatoes place high demands on soil fertility. Since this tomato has significant growth vigor, high biomass and high yields, it needs to create conditions with highly fertile soil. Care should be taken to ensure that the soil in the greenhouse is fresh, free from larvae of pests and pathogens.

To disinfect the soil, it can be spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or treated with steam.

The soil should contain fertile forest soil, peat and ordinary land in a ratio of 2: 1: 3. For a light texture and good water permeability, sawdust or coarse sand can be added to the mixture. In addition, the ready-made mixture is filled with a complex mineral fertilizer, for example, Nitroammofoskaya or Azofoskaya - this will be the main fertilizer.

Fertilization after planting seedlings in the ground

Properly prepared soil provides tomato plants with nutrients for a long period. However, during the period of fruit growth, top dressing is necessary, and since the Black Gourmet tomatoes have an extended fruiting period, this variety needs several dressings, at least three. In the first top dressing before the start of the collection, nitrogen should prevail - the plant needs enhanced growth.

Closer to harvest, potassium should prevail in the top dressing - this element will help to get smooth, rounded fruits with a high content of solids and sugars. In addition to potassium, trace elements - sodium, magnesium, zinc - need to be added to the top dressing. The tomato will not hurt in the presence of these micronutrients. You need at least two such dressings.

Testimonials from those who planted the Black Gourmet indicate that this tomato deserves an annual cultivation. Its main advantage is its high yield and excellent taste of the fruit.

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