Instructions for the use of Tetramisole 10 for pigs, contraindications and analogues

Instructions for the use of Tetramisole 10 for pigs, contraindications and analogues

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Pig farms suffer significant losses if the pig population is infected with helminths. A timely diagnosis and timely treatment help to correct the situation. For roundworms there is a preparation "Tetramisole" 10, the instructions for use indicate that it is suitable for pigs. It is used to kill the larvae of adult parasites.

Composition and action of the drug

The remedy for worms is released in the form of small uniform white granules. The powder dissolves easily in water. The anthelmintic comes on sale in double polyethylene packages, polyethylene coated paper, laminated foil bags, in plastic containers (can, bucket). The amount of powder in the package is different - from 50 g to 10 kg.

Name / compositionTetramisole 10Tetramisole 20
The amount of active ingredient in 1 g of the drug100 mg200 mg

"Tetramisole" is a nematicide - a drug that destroys harmful nematodes. Scientists developed it in 1966 for the treatment of various forms of nematodes - gastrointestinal, pulmonary. The drug has a wide spectrum of action, destroys immature (larvae) and sexually mature parasites.

The therapeutic effect of the active substance:

  • enhances the cholinomimetic activity of individual parts of the nematode nervous system;
  • inhibits the production of enzymes;
  • causes paralysis first, then the death of the parasite.

The drug is administered orally to pigs. The active substance, entering the gastrointestinal tract, is rapidly absorbed by the tissues of the body. An hour after taking "Tetramisole" begins to work. The therapeutic concentration is maintained for 24 hours. The active substance is excreted from the pig's body with feces, urine.

Indications for use

The eggs of the parasites enter the pig's body with food and water. Newborn piglets are infected from the sow. The larvae of the worms are carried by insects, earthworms. Deworming of livestock is carried out for prophylaxis or with positive test results. Diseases in which pigs are given "Tetramisole" 10 in veterinary medicine are listed in the table.

AscariasisLarge nematodesDiarrhea, constipation, exhaustion, poor appetite
EsophagostomosisSmall fat nematodesFever, diarrhea, lack of appetite, exhaustion, toned belly
MetastrongylosisThin nematodesCough, shallow breathing, refusal to feed, emaciation, stunting
TrichocephalosisNematoda (pork whipworm)Diarrhea, constipation, depression, poor appetite
StrongyloidosisHair nematodePiglets have diarrhea, fever, itching, pleurisy symptoms, in adult pigs, the disease is asymptomatic

Application and dosage for pigs

It is easier to give the drug to piglets with feed. The dose of powder for one adult animal is calculated based on the weight - 1.5 g of "Tetramisole" 10 for every 10 kg. Treatment is carried out during the morning feeding. The maximum amount of anthelmintic agent per pig is 45 g. Exceeding the norm can provoke allergies.

The medicine is given to groups of pigs of the same age and weight. For weakened animals, medical deworming is carried out individually. Pregnant sows "Tetramisole" 10 receive 21 days before farrowing. The granules are well mixed with the feed; water is added if necessary. Pig feeders must be cleaned within an hour, only in this case the therapeutic effect of taking nematicide is guaranteed.

During the year, "Tetramisol" 10 adults are treated once in the second growing period. In the absence of the desired effect, the pigs are prescribed a more concentrated agent "Tetramisole" 20. Individually, the pigs are treated with an aqueous solution of the drug. A tube or bottle with a nipple is used to introduce it. The pig's head is lifted up, a syringe-dispenser is inserted into the throat.

To avoid re-infection with eggs and larvae of worms, after treatment with Tetramisole, pigs are washed and moved to pigsties treated from worms. The machines, in which the sick animals were kept, are sanitized.

Side effects

Serious adverse reactions in the treatment of pigs with "Tetramisole" have not been identified. In case of overdose, there is a risk of drug allergy. In severe cases, the animal is prescribed antihistamines. Allergy symptoms:

  • increased lacrimation;
  • dyspnea;
  • vomiting.

If the recommended dosage is observed, allergy symptoms occur if the pig has an individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Possible contraindications

The anthelmintic drug should not be given concurrently or concurrently with other medications. This can lead to drug allergies. Other drugs can be given 3 days after deworming treatment.

"Tetramisole" should not be used if the pig was treated with drugs containing organophosphorus compounds, after therapy with "Pirantel", "Morantel"... Anthelmintic therapy is contraindicated in infected animals and sows in the last 2 weeks before farrowing.

Personal prevention measures

Liquid may get into the eyes while preparing the aqueous solution. Drops of the product must be washed off immediately with a large volume of water at room temperature. The retina and mucous tissues may be affected. After working with the "Tetramisole" preparation, hands should be washed with soap. Contact with the powder dries the skin.

Pig meat after 3-4 days of therapy cannot be eaten, therefore, they are not sent for slaughter before this period.

Rules and shelf life

The drug is produced in Croatia. Manufacturer Veterina Ltd. The instructions for the medicine indicate the shelf life (2.5 years), the date of manufacture on the package. If the storage rules are observed, "Tetramisole" retains its medicinal properties for 2.5 years. Storage requirements are standard:

  • lack of direct sunlight;
  • normal air humidity;
  • air temperature not higher than 30 ° C;
  • lack of food nearby.

Children and pets should not have access to the package with the drug.

Are there any analogues?

Other veterinary drugs are produced against pulmonary and intestinal nematodes, which are used for deworming pigs:

  • "Levamisole" 75. Solution for injection is injected under the skin, it takes effect 30 minutes after the injection. The drug destroys larvae and sexually mature individuals. The maximum single dose is 20 ml. The active substance is completely excreted from the body after 7 days.
  • "Nilverm" 20. The active substance is tetramisole. The antihelminthic drug is given once to fattening pigs at a dose of 75 mg per 1 kg of body weight. The deadline for sows is 2 weeks before farrowing. For boars producers "Nilverm" 20 is contraindicated.
  • Baymek. The active antihelminthic substance is invermectin. The product is released in the form of a 1% solution, packed in glass containers. Pigs are injected once into the occipital region. The deadline for sows is 4 weeks prior to lactation. Piglets can be slaughtered one month after treatment.

Analogues of "Tetramisole" are stored in a dry, dark place. They have no pronounced side effects. Subject to the dosage, they do not harm animals.

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