Features of the hybrid form of grape "Asya"

Features of the hybrid form of grape "Asya"

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The Asya grape variety is a hybrid form obtained by crossing the Demeter and Dunav varieties by breeder V.V. Zagorulko.

Grade characteristics

A table grape variety has been bred relatively recently, but has already managed to gain recognition from amateur winegrowers.

Biological description

Bushes are characterized by strong growth. Flowering - according to the female type. Pollination is good. The clusters formed have excellent external indicators and can be either large or very large. The average weight of one is varied from 0.7 to 1.0 kg. The shape is cylindrical, elongated. The bunch reaches 0.4 m in length. It is characterized by average indicators of friability.

Not subject to peeling. The degree of shoot maturation is consistently high. Each shoot has 2-3 inflorescences and is prone to crop formation in stepsons. A distinctive feature is the presence of long internodes, which can greatly complicate the process of preparing the plant for cuttings. The wood grows quickly, a powerful shoot part develops in the first year after planting.

The leaves have a dissected shape. A sufficiently fragile comb makes it difficult to carry out care measures. The procedure for packing in bags to protect against wasps should be carried out with utmost care to avoid damage to the bunch.


The Asya variety remotely resembles the Luchisty grape by its technical characteristics. The berries are quite large. The weight of one berry varies from 14 to 20 g. The form is obovate, with a characteristic evenness. Coloring thin skin red-violet.

Ripe berries can burst only as a result of a gross violation of agricultural technology. The pulp is dense, emits a characteristic crunch when bitten. Taste is quite high. The average sugar content is 18 g / 100 cm³, acidity does not exceed 5 g / dm³.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the hybrid form of Asya grapes is beautiful powerful clusters consisting of large berries. Among the disadvantages are: the impossibility of cultivation in the northern regions, the need to cover the plant for the winter, and the fragility of the brush. In addition, the berries have a fairly simple taste. Frost resistance - up to -21 ° ะก. The survival rate is quite high.

Grapes "Asya": characteristics of the variety

Landing rules

Planting of Asya grape seedlings is allowed both in separate planting holes and in a trenching method.

  • The depth and width of the planting hole or trench completely depend on the size of the root system of the seedlings;
  • clay or sandy soil should be supplemented with sand or peat, soil with high acidity - ash;
  • it is recommended that planting is carried out in areas that exclude close occurrence of groundwater, as well as being protected from the wind as much as possible;
  • in the landing hole, a low embankment from fertile soil enriched with complex fertilizer should be made;
  • the heel part is installed together with the support peg on a raised platform, and then the entire root system of the plant is straightened;
  • after falling asleep the root system 1/2 should be abundantly water the soil around the seedling, and then add to the full volume of soil and gently tamp with your hands.

The vine is tied to the support as accurately as possible, using a strip of soft fabric.

Care Features

Subject to the rules of pre-planting soil preparation, as well as competent planting of grape seedlings, the first 2 years, fertilizer application is not required, and irrigation is carried out in a rather limited mode.


A great influence on the yield of grapes is exerted by the use of the so-called method of moisture-charging irrigation, which should be carried out in the autumn period after harvesting, as well as in the spring in dry weather. Further irrigation measures are carried out depending on weather conditions and the presence of precipitation. Excessive waterlogging, as well as drying out the soil, is extremely undesirable.

Top dressing

To feed the vine, it is recommended to apply liquid fertilizers at the same time as watering. Feeding should be alternated with the use of mineral fertilizers, as well as organics. The introduction of nitrogen-containing complexes gives good results for increasing green mass.

Shaping and trimming

When trimming the Asya hybrid form, remember that the maximum load on each bush can vary from 30 to 45 shoots. Pruning is done on 6 or 8 eyes. Shelter for winter grapes to be pruned in late autumn.

Diseases and Pests

The variety is not resistant to the defeat of the most common fungal diseases. Indicators of resistance to oidium and mildew are 3.5 points.

It is practically not damaged by wasps. Spraying bushes in spring and autumn favorably affects the condition of the plant.

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Gardeners reviews

Most wine growers evaluate the variety positively and note the beautiful appearance of the berries, as well as high productivity and good growth power. The hybrid is mainly cultivated by amateur gardeners in central Russia.

How to tie grapes

The selection form of Asya grapes is suitable not only for cultivation in personal plots. It is also a high-quality market variety with high commodity rates and excellent transportability. Subject to agronomic requirements, it shows high productivity and unpretentiousness, which allows us to recommend it as a successful hybrid form.