Description of the tomato variety Office romance, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Office romance, features of cultivation and care

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Modern gardeners have high demands on tomatoes, which are not easy to meet. The office romance tomato has all the necessary qualities to take pride of place in the beds. Fruits of high quality with a unique taste cannot but attract attention.

Description of the variety

Office Romance is an excellent early maturing variety intended for cultivation in the open field. The bushes are compact, their height does not exceed half a meter. The characteristic of the variety indicates a high yield and undemanding care. The tomato can withstand unfavorable climatic conditions without losing the marketable and taste qualities of the fruit. Disease resistance at a high level.

The shape of the tomatoes is somewhat elongated. At maturity, the color of the fruit is deep red, uniform. The pulp is dense, sugary, with excellent taste. The mass of one tomato is up to 120 grams. The office romance tomato is grown not only in summer cottages, but also on an industrial scale. The harvested crop is suitable for long-term storage, transportation over long distances.

Advantages and disadvantages

An office romance has a number of advantages that distinguish it favorably from competitors:

  • early ripening;
  • increased resistance to verticillary wilt;
  • resistance to fusarium;
  • high productivity;
  • versatility of using tomatoes;
  • high sugar content in the pulp;
  • pleasant individual taste;
  • the possibility of transportation and long-term storage;
  • compactness of the bush;
  • a small number of seed chambers.

As the description shows, there are no significant shortcomings in the Service novel variety. Small fruits are not to everyone's liking, but this small minus is fully compensated by numerous advantages.

Growing features

Tomato seeds for growing seedlings are sown in March or early April... Planting depth - 1 cm. After the appearance of two true leaves, they begin to pick. For the entire growing season, seedlings are fed three times with complex fertilizers. It is kept in a well-lit room with a temperature of 20-25 ° C.

A week before planting in open ground, they begin to harden the tomatoes. Office romance. To do this, plants are taken out into the open air every day, avoiding direct sunlight. The residence time is increased every day, starting from a few hours. Tomatoes are planted in open ground as soon as the threat of night spring frosts has passed. By this time, the first flower cluster is usually formed on the seedlings. The planting of the Office Romance variety is carried out according to the scheme 30 × 50 cm.

Planting care consists in regular systematic watering and loosening of the soil. Weed control and tomato feeding are carried out. Despite the fact that tomatoes of this variety are resistant to diseases, measures to prevent fungal diseases will be useful. For this purpose, the beds are treated with Bordeaux mixture. For the whole season, no more than three fertilizing with complex fertilizers is carried out.

Office romance is used both for growing in private household plots and on an industrial scale. The harvested crop is used for conservation, preparation of tomato paste, juices, fresh consumption, sale. Under unfavorable weather conditions, it is still possible to collect a decent harvest of tasty fruits.

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