The dimensions of the room for Indo-girls and equip the poultry house with your own hands

The dimensions of the room for Indo-girls and equip the poultry house with your own hands

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Breeding poultry involves creating comfortable conditions for keeping birds. It is necessary to find out the requirements for the arrangement of the premises for the Indoor. First, it is advised to find a suitable site and draw up a diagram of the structure. Materials for the construction and insulation of walls are chosen taking into account the weather conditions of the area. The size of the house is calculated according to zootechnical guidelines.

General requirements for the poultry house

If it is planned to breed Indook throughout the year, a capital enclosure is being built. Livestock should not freeze when it gets colder. Recommendations for the arrangement of the premises:

  1. The height of the building should be at level 2, and the windows should be one meter from the floor.
  2. Freezing air temperatures inside the house will lead to illness in indoor poultry. And during incubation of eggs, they provide a mode of 20 ° C.
  3. The corral is equipped with a perch and feeders. Drinking containers should not be too deep to prevent birds from bathing. It will become dangerous in cold weather.
  4. Be sure to provide artificial lighting. Too short daylight hours are harmful to livestock.
  5. The air in the room should circulate freely, but drafts are unacceptable.
  6. Nests are arranged for females.

A cold shed will not work for Indo-girls. These birds are more sensitive to temperature extremes than other bird species. During the construction of the corral, the floors and walls are immediately insulated.

Dimensions and Drawings

When drawing up a project, the number of livestock is taken into account, the area of ​​the building depends on this indicator. It is recommended to allocate 1 square meter for 1, maximum 3 adult Indoor women. Overcrowding leads to conflicts among birds and negatively affects productivity.

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Before starting work, a diagram of the room is drawn. All important points are noted on the plan. Indicate the location of the windows, mark the feeding areas and areas with drinkers, as well as nests.

The dimensions of the equipment and the area for free movement of birds are determined in advance. For a herd of 12 Indooks, a corral 5 meters long and about 4 wide is recommended. A closed room and an open-air cage are placed under a common roof.

At the entrance to the poultry house, a vestibule is arranged to exclude the ingress of cold air into the building during frosts. It is enough if the extension is 1.75 meters wide. However, sometimes the separation buffer is made more spacious so that there is enough space for storing feed. When the number of livestock is more than 12 individuals, all dimensions of the room are increased.

What can be built from

To equip a room for Indo-girls, it is better to use a tree. At different stages of construction, you will need:

Type of workType of materials
Foundation deviceCement - 140 kg, reinforcement - 22 m, wire - 3.5 m
Strapping22 m wooden beams
FlooringBoards (18 pcs.) And beams (4 m)
SheathingOSB boards with a thickness of at least 8 mm
RoofSlate and edged board
AviaryMetal profile and mesh

Particular attention is paid to the quality of the wood. The material is chosen dry and without flaws.

How to make a house with your own hands

Housing for Indo-girls can be made on your own. The main stages of work:

  1. Clearing the land from debris, foliage and branches.
  2. Marking the area of ​​the building with pegs.
  3. Excavation of soil for supports.
  4. Installation of a columnar foundation.
  5. Tying the beams and laying the structure on the supports.

Wooden parts must be treated with an antiseptic. Further:

  1. Vertical supports are attached to the foundation.
  2. Insulate the floor.
  3. Carry out internal wall cladding. For insulation, use cardboard or mineral wool.
  4. Install windows. You can use old frames. The slots are sealed with polyurethane foam.

The construction of the poultry house is completed with roofing works. If the plan does not provide for an attic device, a shed cover is made. Make sure that there are no gaps through which water seeps into the room in case of precipitation.

Indo-women need to organize a walking space. The fence is made from scrap material. Trim boards, mesh or slate will do. The aviary is advised to be done under a common roof with the main room and provide free access from the enclosed space to fresh air. Birds do not need a special pond; for swimming, you can simply install a trough.

Arrangement of indoutok residence

To make the Indo-girls feel comfortable in the room, the internal space is divided into several zones.


Food containers are installed near the wall, close to the vertical surface. Feeders are easy to make yourself. You can put together a long trough from the boards or use a piece of plastic pipe. Indoor women should not be able to climb into the food unit with their paws. In stores, if you wish, you can purchase specialized containers. The feeders are not completely filled, but only a third.

Drinking bowls

Each Indoor woman consumes over half a liter of liquid per day. Therefore, drinkers are placed in the room and make sure that they are constantly filled with water. Experienced farmers do not recommend using cans or other open containers for these purposes. Contamination and spilling of the contents are inevitable. It is better to make a drinker from a plastic bottle or buy it from a store. The device is installed at a height of 20 centimeters.


Indoor roosts are placed along the walls. You can equip a resting place for birds with a wooden beam or board up to 20 centimeters wide. The bench should be about 15 centimeters high.


For laying hens, nests are arranged in the room. They are shaped like a square box with 40 cm edges. For the construction you will need boards, beams and OSB:

  1. First, the slats are cut to the required length.
  2. Using the timber as a support, the strips are attached with self-tapping screws.
  3. From the side of the entrance, a low sill is nailed.
  4. The bottom is covered with soft straw or a mixture of ash and sawdust.
  5. The top is closed with a sheet of OSB.

Indoor nests are installed in the shaded part of the room. The structure should rise slightly above the floor.

It is easy to arrange a room for Indo-girls on your own. Comfortable conditions will positively affect the productivity of birds and the ability to reproduce offspring. The number of livestock can be easily increased.

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