Step-by-step recipe for currant jam in a pan for the winter

Step-by-step recipe for currant jam in a pan for the winter

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Closer to autumn, it is time to prepare for the winter. The most popular of sweets is berry and fruit jam. But if you want to diversify your usual twists, you can make currant jam in a pan.

Features of cooking fried currant jam for the winter

Fried jam is an unusual and delicious dessert that you can surprise your loved ones with. The peculiarity of this recipe lies in the fact that during heat treatment with sugar, the berry is caramelized and does not boil over. Whole berries are obtained in the dessert.

Large berries are suitable for this dish. The larger the fruits are, the tastier the workpiece will be. You will also need a large skillet to hold a lot of currants.

Required Ingredients

For the preservation recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • black currant;
  • granulated sugar.

To make fried currant jam with sugar, you only need two ingredients. In conventional recipes, water is also used, but this can be done without it.

Selection and preparation of berries

For the recipe, it is better to use large and sweet berries. Before frying, the currants are sorted out in order to throw out damaged berries, twigs and leaves. Fill it with cold water so that the debris floats to the surface. Then it is thoroughly washed under running water several times. After that, the currants need to be dried, laid out on a towel so that the water dries.

How to properly prepare containers for the beginning of the process

You will need a large skillet to fry the dessert. It is best if it is cast iron with high edges so that the jam does not splatter during frying.

Rinse and heat the pan before use. It is very easy to check if the surface is hot enough. To do this, drop a few drops of water on it. In a well-heated frying pan, the water will evaporate immediately.

It is not recommended to put the berries on a cold one, they will boil over, and the preservation will turn out to be tasteless.

How to make fried currant jam at home

How to prepare fried currant jam step by step:

  1. Berries are spread in a pan in small portions, stirring occasionally.
  2. A large container can hold no more than 3 glasses of berries at a time.
  3. If you lay out too many fruits, they will lose integrity and become very boiled.
  4. The container is shaken regularly, the fruits are stirred.
  5. When a sufficient amount of juice is released from the currant, sugar is poured.
  6. For every 3 cups of berries, 1 cup of sugar is required.
  7. Continue frying the jam over high heat, stirring it constantly, you do not need to cover with a lid.
  8. It is better to stir with a wooden spatula so that the berries remain intact after heat treatment.
  9. After about 6-8 minutes, the sugar should completely melt, when this happens, the dessert is ready.
  10. Another 5 minutes is needed for the dessert to boil strongly, so that pectin begins to stand out from the currants.
  11. It is poured into cans immediately, until it has cooled down.

Banks, before spreading the preservation, are thoroughly washed with soap and sterilized in the usual way. Then the finished jam is laid out in jars and twisted. When they have cooled to room temperature, the workpieces can be taken to the cellar.

How and how much can you store such jam?

The fried dessert is stored in the same way as a regular one. A cool and well-ventilated area is used for storage. This can be a cellar, basement, storage room, or an unglazed balcony. Also, jars of dessert are stored on the lower shelves of the refrigerator.

The shelf life is up to 2 years if the jars have been sterilized. If the jars have not been sterilized, it is advisable to eat currant jam as soon as possible.

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