Potato "Krasa": variety description and cultivation rules

Potato "Krasa": variety description and cultivation rules

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Mid-season potato "Krasa" refers to the table varieties. Mostly grown from seed, which is processed in a 1% potassium permanganate solution for 45 minutes, and then processed with an epina-extra solution at the rate of two drops per 100 ml of water.

The bushes are very powerful, upright, with a rather thick and massive stem part. About 6-8 potato tubers are formed in each nest. The average weight of a tuber can vary from 0.25 to 0.30 kg. The ripening period after planting root crops is an average of 80-100 days. The tubers are oval in shape and covered with a fairly dense skin of pronounced red color. The pulp of the potato of this variety is light yellow. The eyes are characterized by a slight depression. The variety is resistant to fungal and viral diseases characteristic of potatoes.

Quality grade characteristics

Potato "Beauty" has a considerable number of advantages:

  • the presence of complex resistance to the main fungal and viral diseases of potatoes;
  • high productivity of the variety;
  • excellent keeping quality of the harvested crop;
  • large-fruited variety;
  • excellent taste and excellent marketable appearance of potato tubers.

What kind of potato to choose for planting

Dates and features of landing

Optimum temperature indicators for germination of seed material can vary from 20 to 24 ° C.

Potato "Krasa" belongs to the category of high-yielding mid-ripening varieties, its planting has some features:

  • it is recommended to prepare the soil for planting in the fall, digging it on the bayonet of a shovel, as well as performing the introduction of complex fertilizers;
  • for middle-ripening and medium-late varieties of potatoes, rows should be placed at a distance of 60-70 cm;
  • at a depth of 10 cm, the soil in the area for planting potatoes should warm up to at least 8 degrees of heat; for planting mid-season varieties in most of the regions of our country, the optimal period is the end of the first - the beginning of the second decade of May;
  • potato tubers should be removed from the basement or cellar about a week or two before planting and transferred to a warmer place;
  • planting potatoes of this variety can be carried out as annual tubers, which before planting should be germinated and processed from diseases, and seed material;
  • directly in the process of planting potato tubers it is best to introduce nitrophos.

It should be remembered that the comb technology of potato cultivation involves a significant improvement in soil aeration in the garden.

For growing from seeds, sowing for seedlings is carried out in February or early March with already soaked seed material. As a soil for growing seedlings of potatoes of this variety, it is recommended to use a mixture of one part of the soil and four parts of peat with the addition of complex fertilizers. Bent potato seeds should be placed on the ground and sprinkled with a thin layer of sand. In the first year, it turns out to grow a small number of tubers, of which the next year an excellent crop is obtained, collecting rave reviews from vegetable growers.

Care Rules

The shoots of the Krasa potato are very sensitive to frost, shading by weeds and insufficient air permeability of the soil. To get a high crop of quality potato tubers, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • If potatoes are planted with seedlings in the form of individual sprouts, botanical seeds or mini-tubers, hilling is not performed. Such plantings should be protected from return frosts by means of a film cover. In other cases, the earthening of potato seedlings is carried out "with the head."
  • The first time after planting watering is not recommended, as at this stage of development the formation of the root system of the plant takes place, but in the future potatoes should be watered as necessary. If watering is insufficient, then there is a risk of stolon dying off, and with excessive moisture, decay is often observed.

  • After the first sprouts of potatoes appear, the first top dressing with water-soluble nitrogen and potassium fertilizers should be performed.
  • The presence of high immunity of this variety for major viral diseases reduces the need for preventive spraying and treatment with chemical insecticides and fungicides.
  • Harvesting mid-season potato varieties is carried out in early August, the growing season lasts 85-100 days.

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How to plant potato seeds

Reviews of gardeners

Potato "Beauty" is very productive and in demand among gardeners. This is evidenced by numerous reviews. Potato "Krasa" is one of the few varieties that are very often used for growing from seeds from the company "Zedek". Such potatoes are ideal for growing in short and not too warm summers in the Siberian region.