Potato "Handsome": the characteristics of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

Potato "Handsome": the characteristics of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

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Potato varieties "Handsome" bred by specialists of VNIIKH them. A. G. Lorch. A well-established company is creating new highly productive and competitive potato varieties of commercial and special orientation with a whole range of economically valuable traits. This variety is included in the State Register of Vegetable Crops of the Russian Federation for the Central Black Earth Region.

Grade description

Bushes are medium in height, with an intermediate type of growth, semi-upright. The average intensity of anthocyanin staining is observed on the inside of the flower corolla. The blue stain is absent completely or very slightly. The leaves are medium sized, intermediate, greenish.

The peel on the tubers is smooth, pinkish-red. Eyes are small. The shape of the potato tuber is oval. The average weight of potatoes can vary from 91 to 160 g. The pulp is creamy creamy in color, with a starch content of 12-18%. Ripening in the early stages. The period from seedlings to technical maturity takes 80-90 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato varieties "Handsome" can be characterized as follows:

  • wide growing area;
  • high productivity of 170-202 kg / ha;
  • high commodity characteristics (marketability up to 98%);
  • the rate of keeping is 97%;
  • good taste and high quality tubers;
  • demand for raw materials for processing;
  • the variety is resistant to diseases such as wrinkled and banded potato mosaics, and cancer.

A few disadvantages include the susceptibility of potatoes to a golden cyst-forming nematode. The description of the originator, as well as the main characteristic of the variety, assumes the resistance of tubers and the average resistance of the tops to late blight.

How to grow potatoes

Dates and features of landing

Potatoes with the name "Handsome" are placed after perennial herbs, winter crops, legumes, annual herbs and flax. Potatoes can be re-planted at the site only after three years. When landing, the following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Potatoes are very light-loving and responsive to high-quality illumination by a vegetable crop, therefore, in order to ensure uniform illumination, the rows must be oriented from north to south.
  2. Ph-acidity of the soil in the area under cultivation of potatoes should be 5.0-5.5, if necessary, liming is performed.
  3. Digging of the soil in the autumn period is carried out to a depth of about 25-30 cm, combining it with the circulation of earth layers.
  4. During the autumn digging, it is required to add about 300 kg of manure and 1 kg of wood ash for each hundredth.
  5. For planting, only high-quality and healthy tubers should be selected, which must be heated, germinated and landscaped in the sun before planting.
  6. A good effect is observed when processing potato tubers with growth regulators. It is allowed to use "Epin" or "Zircon" for this purpose.
  7. To stimulate the germination of the kidneys on the potato tuber, you need to make a deep transverse incision.

Care Rules

Timely and competent care for potato plantings throughout the entire growing season is a prerequisite for obtaining large and high-quality crops. Hilling, loosening the soil, weeding weeds, top dressing, and, if necessary, carrying out irrigation measures are the components of successful cultivation of potatoes in household plots.

Activities that are included in the comprehensive care of potatoes of the "Handsome" variety are standard.

The soil for potatoes must be fertilized, it is necessary to fertilize:

  • it is recommended to carry out a single feeding of plants with infusion of mullein or bird droppings at the rate of 1 -2 l of solution per potato bush;
  • high-quality manure can be applied directly under the vegetable crop during planting, which will help to double the potato yield, but you can also feed after planting;
  • at the very end of flowering, foliar fertilizing of potato bushes with the use of phosphorus fertilizers shows a very high efficiency;
  • fertilizers containing nitrogen, it is desirable to apply simultaneously with potash, and the use of wood ash is recommended to limit.

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Reviews of gardeners

Early-ripening potatoes of the Krasivchik variety are widely used in cooking for preparing first and second courses, are suitable for processing into french fries, and are also very much in demand as raw materials for the production of dry mashed potatoes. Vegetable growers highly appreciate the taste of potatoes and give the variety positive feedback, not only in terms of quality characteristics, but also evaluating crop yields. In terms of its external parameters, potatoes of this variety are quite consistent with the name and form many quite large and beautiful potatoes in each nest.

How to prepare potatoes for planting