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Potato "Dolphin": a worthy variety of the Belarusian Research Institute of Potato

Potato "Dolphin": a worthy variety of the Belarusian Research Institute of Potato

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Potato "Dolphin" refers to mid-season table varieties developed by a well-known and popular company. Information on this potato variety is included in the State Register for the North-West Region. The initiator is TsKB-Agro, Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato and Horticulture.

Grade description

Bushes of potatoes of medium height, semi-erect, with an intermediate type of growth. The stems are of medium thickness, unpainted. Corollas of flowers are white, with wide lobes. The leaves are medium in size, dissected, dark green in color. The waviness of the edge is absent or very weakly expressed. The total yield reaches 540 kg / ha.

The peel of the tubers of the Dolphin variety is smooth, yellow in color, the shape of the tubers is round-oval or elongated. The mass of the tuber is from 100 to 110 g. The pulp is light yellow. The starch content of 11-14%. The variety is early ripe, the period from germination to technical maturity is 70-75 days.

Advantages of Dolphin Potato

Potato "Dolphin" has a positive characteristic, which suggests the following advantages of the variety:

  • high-quality crop of early vegetable products;
  • good taste;
  • smooth tubers with small eyes;
  • marketability 88-96%;
  • high keeping quality (90-99%);
  • guaranteed nematode resistance of the plant.

According to the originator, there is resistance to wrinkled, banded mosaic and leaf curl. According to the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology, the plant is susceptible to root phytophthora and moderately susceptible to late blight on the tops.

Potato "Dolphin": harvesting

Landing Features

Early ripe, table-setting potato "Dolphin" is perfectly adapted for cultivation in most regions of our country. Subject to the timing of planting and proper cultivation, it is possible to collect two crops of high-quality and tasty potatoes in one season. Preparation for planting should begin one and a half months before the direct planting of tubers:

  • potato tubers intended for planting should be moved from the store to a warmer place and sorted; all damaged tubers, as well as potatoes, which have even slight signs of pest or disease damage, are subject to rejection;
  • in order to disinfect planting material, it is necessary to treat the tubers with a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • it is recommended to garden, as well as the germination of tubers; high-quality planting material has medium sizes and strong shoots, the length of which does not exceed 3.0-3.6 cm.

Planting potatoes is as follows:

  • potatoes are planted in warm soil (ridges are prepared in advance);
  • fertilizing in the form of manure is recommended when deep digging the soil in the autumn, the main fertilizers are applied at the planting stage directly into the planting holes;
  • the distance between the rows should be approximately 70 cm, and between the bushes - 35-40 cm.

When properly planted, seedlings appear after about ten days.

Care Rules

Growing Dolphin potatoes is not particularly difficult. With proper care, you can get very high quality products. The main stages of potato care are feeding, hilling and watering:

  • the first feeding is carried out at a height of a potato bush of 15 cm using a solution of granular urea at the rate of 1 tbsp. l on 10 l of water;
  • the second top dressing is carried out at the flowering phase using potash fertilizers in the form of 1 tbsp. l potassium sulfate and 3 tbsp. l ash per 10 liters of water;
  • the third feeding is carried out at the end of the flowering stage using a solution of 2 tbsp. l superphosphate and a glass of bird droppings per 10 liters of water;
  • hilling of potato bushes is recommended twice a season: the first hilling is carried out at a plant height of 8-10 cm, and the second is performed at the bud formation phase;
  • in hot climates, potatoes should be watered abundantly, about four times a month;
  • to protect against diseases and pests, you need to use "Decis", "Fastak", "Ratibor", means "Arrivo" or the drug "Bankol".

Reviews gardeners

Variety "Dolphin" is a promising one and is widely used both by vegetable growers growing potatoes in a personal plot and by small farmers. Positive feedback on potatoes of this variety was obtained not only from potato growers in the homeland, but also in our country.

The variety is just perfect for making mashed potatoes, which turns out to be very white, fluffy and tasty. During cooking, the potatoes do not darken and almost never boil. But the planting of seed material of this variety needs to be made more rare than for other early varieties, since about 15 fairly large potato tubers are formed in each nest. It is best to adhere to the sowing pattern of 70/32 x 35 cm when deepening tubers by 8-10 cm.

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