Features of the grapes of the American variety "Valiant"

Features of the grapes of the American variety "Valiant"

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Grapes "Valiant", or "Valiant", refers to universal varieties. Its name from English translates as "courageous". The variety is used to make red blend wines, as well as high-quality juices.

Selection history

This variety, bred by an American breeder from South Dakota State University R. M. Peterson, is known under the breeding numbers "S D 7121" and "S D 72S15". Crossbreeding was carried out in 1967. The basis was a frost-resistant variety "Fredonia" and "S.D. 9-39 V. riparia". Five years later, the deduced form was selected for participation in variety trials.

Grapes "Valiant": cultivation

Grade characteristics

A significant part of the quality indicators and varietal characteristics obtained by the variety from the parent pair.

Biological description

Grade "Valiant" refers to extremely winter-hardy, with early ripening. In the regions of northern viticulture, ripening of berries is observed in late August or the first decade of September. The bushes have strong growth, high productivity and good shoot maturation. The variety is non-covering and ideal for decoration of arbors and arched structures. The growing season can vary from 130 to 138 days.

Technical specifications

A plant with a thick vine, very vigorous, forming bisexual flowers and dense, cylindrical clusters weighing about 100 g. The average length of the grape brush is 10 cm. The berries are relatively small, round in shape and dark blue, closer to black in color. The bones are quite large. The insufficiently dense skin is easily removed from the pulp of ripened berries. The standard sugar content does not exceed 20%. Characteristic for the variety is a pleasant strawberry aftertaste.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage possessed by the "Valiant" variety is represented by its unusual winter hardiness. According to some reports, the vineyard of this variety easily withstands the temperature drop in winter to -45 45С.

It should be borne in mind that the plant is not resistant to mildew, which requires timely preventive spraying.

Diseases and Pests

The main threat to the variety is the defeat of downy mildew, or mildew. Treatment of a plant against this disease is carried out at the first sign of the appearance of a fungal infection. Against mildew, such substances as captan, dichlorofluanide, folpet, mancozeb, maneb, metiram, propineb, thiram, kineb are effective. A good effect is obtained by using a combination of organic fungicide with copper or sulfur.

To combat powdery mildew, or oidium, sulfur dusting should be used in dry and calm weather. A good effect is achieved by using the preparations "Karatan", "Bayleton", "Topsin-M 70%" or "Rubigan", which are used exclusively after flowering.

Reviews of winegrowers

Variant is widely used in vineyards located in the northern regions, where the climate is rather harsh in winter. The undoubted advantage, according to most wine growers, is the frost resistance of the variety, as well as early and complete ripening of the vine and a pleasant isabella taste of berries. Instability to the oidium is regarded as the main drawback, but preventive treatments neutralize it quite easily.

The plant requires building wood. As a rule, peas are not observed. The taste of grapes, according to gardeners, is largely similar to the taste of berries of the Alpha variety. Vinogradar noted that the cuttings of the plants show a very good survival rate, which greatly facilitates the cultivation of this variety in the homestead.

The "Valiant" grape variety has established itself as fruitful and unpretentious enough for cultivation in difficult climatic conditions. It is worth considering that it is preferable to grow grapes of this variety in a dry climate, which will insure the plant from damage by fungal infections.

Grapes "Valiant" can be used to prepare not only red blend wines, but also jelly, juices, and also used as a table variety.

The daily increase in grapes varieties "Valiant"