Features of the cultivation of grape varieties "Arch"

Features of the cultivation of grape varieties "Arch"

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“Arched” grapes are not yet very popular with gardeners in our country. However, in recent years there has been a tendency to increase demand for this grape variety, which is also known as “Pink Friendship”, “Color” or “III-14-1-1”.

Selection history

The grapevine of this variety was obtained as a result of work on crossing varieties "Intervitis Magaracha" and "Friendship". Selection work was carried out on the territory of Russia VNIIViV them Y. I. Potapenko. The variety is classified as canteens and is characterized by early ripening.

Grade characteristics

A grape harvest is formed about four months after buds are opened. Variety "Arch" is quite interesting for its main characteristics.

Grapes "Arch": grade description

Biological description

Vine bushes of this variety are characterized by strong growth, and the vine is prone to ripening in the early stages. Aging is observed over almost the entire length of the growth. The rooting of cuttings is excellent. Fruiting seedlings occurs in the second year after planting grapes.

Bunches of grape varieties "Arched" large in size, with an average weight of 0.4 to 0.6 kg. The standard form of the bunch is aligned cylindrical. The moderate or absolute density of the grape brush is characteristic. Berry is practically absent. Indicators of fruitfulness of shoots can vary from 65% to 80%.

Technical characteristics of berries

The berries on the vine are formed of large sizes, oval or nipple-shaped. When cultivating the plant in shade, the grape has a light green color with a slight pinkish tint. Growing Arched vines in the sun allows you to get a crop of berries with a dark red color.

Berries are characterized by a relatively harmonious taste, dense and quite fleshy pulp. The standard weight varies from 4.5 to 5.5 g. The skin of the berries is relatively thin. The sugar content of grapes of this variety ranges from 16% to 18%. Acidity can reach 5 g / l. The tasting score is 7.7 points.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the description, the plant has a significant number of advantages, among which the following are of particular importance for winegrowers:

  • high crop mobility;
  • indicators of frost resistance up to -25 ° C;
  • winter loss of eyes is not categorical, and fruiting can persist on duplicate buds;
  • practical prospects for cultivation in the conditions of northern viticulture;
  • sufficiently high and stable productivity;
  • the berries are stored on the vine for a long time, without losing their taste and appearance;
  • integrated resistance to disease damage;
  • thick vine, assuming good frost resistance.

In addition, the grapes of this variety look very attractive in appearance, and the vigor and decorative vines allow it to be used to design arches, open terraces or arbors.

Features of planting and care

Landing should be carried out in sufficiently open, well-lit and warm areas of the sun and protected from gusty winds. The standard scheme for planting grape seedlings is also relevant for this variety.

The main conditions are the acquisition of high-quality and healthy planting material, as well as advance preparation of the planting pit with dimensions corresponding to the diameter of the root system of the seedling.

Particular attention is required to timely conduct irrigation activities and the systematic application of complex fertilizers that have a beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of the crop. Grapes "Arch" is distinguished by its responsiveness to the introduction of high doses of fertilizers of organic and mineral type.

Pruning of the vine should be carried out on 6 or 8 eyes. The fruiting indicators of the ocelli at the level of the base of the shoots are quite high, which makes it possible to carry out a short pruning - 3-4 eyes.

Reviews of winegrowers

Feedback from winegrowers about this variety is very controversial. Opinions are unanimous in that the indicators of resistance of the vine to damage by the main diseases characteristic of most grape varieties are average. However, the use of two standard treatments allows you to almost completely forget about the disease.

It is noted that in the southern regions of cultivation, the length of the vine is at least three meters and ripens first in the entire vineyard. The vine at the base is quite powerful, and professional growers recommend immediately giving it the desired shape. As it grows, the shape of the vine will be almost impossible to change.

How to shape grapes into an arch

Many gardeners love the “Arched” grape variety for very beautiful, marketable and transportable bunches weighing up to 0.4 kg. Among the consumer minuses are the presence of rather large seeds in the berries. In general, despite the existing shortcomings, most winegrowers who have familiarized themselves with this variety recommend it for planting.