Description and characteristics of sheep of the Tashlin breed, maintenance rules

Description and characteristics of sheep of the Tashlin breed, maintenance rules

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The development of animal husbandry, new requirements of the economy gave impetus to the transformation of some types of the industry. The collapse of the Soviet Union, a sharp drop in demand on the wool market and the absence of domestic breeding species pushed farmers to form their own gene pool. The country's farms have focused on expanding the meat sector and have developed a new breed of sheep - Tashlinsky.

Origin, history of the breed

Breeding work began in the Stavropol Territory. The Voroshilov collective farm received pedigree sheep after the bankruptcy of neighbors. After studying the characteristics of the breed for crossing with Caucasian ewes, the best individuals were selected. The progenitors of the new species were the Ost-Frisians and Texels.

The females that showed the greatest weight gain were combined with pedigree rams and then the process was repeated again. The scrupulous selection of breeding material did not subside for more than 7 years. And in 2008 the first sheep of the Tashlin breed were registered. The name comes from the river flowing next to the agricultural enterprise. Today these animals are in demand in different regions of Russia.

Appearance and characteristics

Tashlinsky sheep are distinguished by a large constitution, a powerful neck, and the absence of horns. Animals are unpretentious in food, adapt well to climatic conditions. The meat tastes like marbled beef. This effect is achieved due to the presence of thin layers of fat in the muscle tissue.

Other indicators of the Tashlin breed:

The weightram producerup to 100 kg
ewesup to 60 kg
Weight gainlambs220 g per day
Number of large curls per cmmale3.13 pieces
females3.08 pieces
Breaking load of woolram9.53 cN / tex
ewes8.28 cN / tex
Fiber length12 cm
Coat colorwhite

Lambs gain weight quickly. Young carcasses at the age of 9 months contain only 20% of bones, the rest is meat. Such indicators indicate the profitability of breeding animals of this species.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tashlin sheep

Hereditary characteristics make Tashlin sheep in demand in many regions of the country.

Large yield of meat products and wool.

Animals are unpretentious in care.

Lambs gain weight quickly.

Lack of a specific smell and significant fatty layer in meat.

The livestock is bred in different climatic conditions.

Farmers note that no significant shortcomings have been found in the representatives of the Tashlin breed.

How to properly maintain and care for animals

The climate with moderate humidity is considered the most favorable for Tashlin sheep. The breed adapts well to the conditions of the Central zone of Russia, the Stavropol Territory or the North Caucasus. Breeding livestock is also possible in cold regions, if you keep the sheep in an insulated room.

This is required so that animals do not waste energy fighting frost. This will lead to weight loss.

In winter, bedding is prepared for the sheep, the depth of which provides natural heating from below. This mattress is left until warm. During the cleaning of the sheepfold, manure is removed and new portions of straw are added. The formed layers are removed only in the spring. Some farmers use sawdust, treated with a composition with the addition of bacteria, instead of straw. Such a bedding is dug up daily.

What should you feed them with?

The main diet of Tashlin sheep consists of roughage.

Animal nutrition also includes:

  • supplements with the necessary set of vitamins and other nutrients;
  • concentrates;
  • chalk and salt;
  • juicy food.

To provide weight gain, concentrates are chosen. Their content in the diet is the largest part. The hay rate is also increased in the cold season. Tashlinsky sheep are picky about food and gain muscle mass even on pasture.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

But when adding juicy feed to food, be careful. Too much fresh grass causes gas, which is dangerous for sheep.

Breeding features of the breed

The Tashlinsky breed is still young. Crossbreeding of ewes with tribal texels is still ongoing. Experienced breeders recommend:

  1. For breeding, take lambs older than 4 months.
  2. Older offspring, when kept, are divided according to gender. Closely related crossbreeding will lead to the appearance of weak individuals.
  3. The optimal time for the first mating of animals is to reach the age of one or one and a half years.

Females have good fertility rates. Sheep from the second time bring up to 3 three lambs. Animals produce enough milk to feed their offspring. A healthy drink contains about 5% protein, and the fat content reaches 8%. The young are gaining weight quickly.

Diseases, their prevention

Diseases in sheep lead to decreased productivity and reduced weight gain. Particular attention is paid to the diet of animals in order to exclude digestive problems and the condition of the hooves. The appearance of a cough should alert. These ailments are classified as non-infectious diseases.

The Tashlinsky breed is resistant to viruses, animals have high immunity. But you should not forget about preventive measures. In autumn, the premises are disinfected, limestone is added to the wall paint. Both the pasture and the sheep pens are kept clean, and the hygiene of the entire livestock is monitored. One diseased individual will lead to the infection of an entire herd.

In summer, flies and blood-sucking insects are dangerous for sheep. Therefore, in the heat, animals are recommended to cut and bathe more often. The warm season is also fraught with rapid decay of products, and the condition of the feed is carefully monitored. Vaccination is the main measure to prevent viral infections.

Breeding prospects

Farmers consider the Tashlin breed to be economically profitable for breeding. It is important to remember that sheep are herd animals and get depressed outside the flock. Therefore, they usually acquire at least two individuals. When buying females, it is also taken into account that after lambing, the livestock will increase. It is better to provide a place for keeping adult ewes and lambs in advance.

Breeding sheep is a simple process. If you have a ready-made pen for animals, the main costs will go to the purchase of feed. High quality wool and tasty meat are in demand among consumers. Sheep milk is suitable for making delicious cheeses. This direction of development of animal husbandry is gaining great popularity lately. Therefore, the cost of keeping the herd will quickly pay off. Even single farmers, and not just large farms, can open their own business.

Estimated cost and where you can buy

The prices for sheep of the Tashlin breed are 110-170 rubles per kilogram of live weight. The cost is influenced by the number of purchased animals. Most often, sheep are sold in batches of 100 to 300 individuals. When buying one or two heads, the costs will increase by almost 2 times per 1 kilogram.

Sheep is advertised on specialized websites. Information from private farmers and livestock enterprises is accumulated on Internet services, a description of the livestock is provided.

Livestock breeders assess the Tashlinsky breed as promising. Meat products and high-quality wool are in demand on the sales market, and the cheese-making direction is gaining momentum. And the unpretentiousness and calm disposition make it easy to breed and keep sheep.

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