Grapes "In Memory of Negrul": Moldavian variety on Russian soil

Grapes "In Memory of Negrul": Moldavian variety on Russian soil

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The hybrid form of "Negrul's Memory" is a high-yielding black table grape with an average late term of full-ripening of the crop.

Grapes "In memory of Negrul" bred by breeders M. S. Zhuravel, G. M. Borzikova, I. P. Gavrilov, I. N. Naydenova and G. A. Savin. As a parent pair were used varieties "Corna Nyagra" and "Datier de Saint-Valle". The originator of the hybrid form is Vierul in Moldova. According to some sources, the parent line is represented by the Moldavian Black variety and the Save Saillar 20-366 variety.

Grade description

Grapes "In memory of Negrul" is one of the most popular varieties in the medium-late category. Harvest is fully ready for harvest in 145 or 160 days, depending on the region of cultivation and weather conditions.

The bushes of the "Memory of Negrul" are vigorous, with a high degree of ripening of the vine from 2/3 to 6/7 of the total length. The number of fruitful shoots varies from 55 to 70%. The growth power of the shoots is quite strong and ranges from 2.1 to 3.0 m.

Flowering is bisexual and is characterized by a high level of pollination. Bunches of grapes of this hybrid have a cylindrical shape, average sizes of 20 x 12 cm. The average mass of a grape brush can vary from 350 to 700 g. The structure of a ripened bunch is loose or medium in density. The number of clusters to escape varies from 0.9 to 1.4 pcs.

The berries of the hybrid form of "Negrul's Memory" have a high level of external attractiveness, which is clearly visible in the photo. Berries have an elongated shape with a sharpness at the end sections. The average size of the berries is 3 x 2 cm, weight from 5 to 9 g. The main color of the berry is purple, with a pronounced thick waxy coating.

The pulp of a ripe berry is fleshy and very juicy. The taste is somewhat simple but harmonious. The peel is characterized by relative density and is almost not felt in the process of eating. The berry contains 2 or 3 seeds. The tasting score is 8.5 points. The sugar content of grape juice is about 16.3 g / 100 cm³, and the acidity does not exceed 6 g / dm³. Productivity can be from 180 to 200 kg / ha.

Grapes "In Memory of Negrul: Harvesting

Grade Advantages

Grapes "In memory of Negrul" has a large number of advantages and qualities attractive to gardeners:

  • high productivity;
  • attractive berries with pronounced spring (waxy) coating;
  • harmonious, refreshing and pleasant taste of berries;
  • resistance to fungal infections at the level of 2-2.5 points;
  • increased resistance to damage by diseases and plant parasites such as mildew, gray berry rot, oidium, American phylloxera, spider mites and leaf leaf;
  • worthy affinity (anatomical and physiological affinity for European varieties) with many stock varieties;
  • high level of marketability and transportability over long distances;
  • increased frost resistance up to - 26 ° C;
  • berries are not damaged by wasps;
  • very long shelf life of the harvested crop.

The use of proven varietal agricultural technology can significantly increase the productivity of this variety.

Landing Features

Grape varieties "In memory of Negrul" cannot be planted in areas represented by salt marshes, highly clayey soil and soils with high occurrence of groundwater. The best option for counting on stable and highest yields is to use chernozems, loamy soils or moisture-permeable soils for planting. The standard rules for planting grapes are as follows:

  • early digging of the landing area with the introduction of organic fertilizers in the form of manure or compost;
  • use for planting exceptionally healthy and high-quality material with a developed shoot and a powerful root system;
  • the depth of the pit for planting seedlings should be approximately 80 cm, with a diameter of about 100 cm;
  • for the arrangement of the lower drainage layer, fine crushed stone with the addition of sand should be used;
  • The excavated soil is mixed with humus, superphosphate and potassium chloride, after which it is filled up over the drainage layer.

After planting, seedlings need to be well watered using about two to three buckets of water, and the stem should be fixed on a wooden peg to guide growth.

Care Rules

The grape bushes "In memory of Negrul" are not too demanding, but respond well to competent care and compliance with agricultural technology. The main activities that will ensure the best development and growth of plants are as follows:

  • conducting moderate, but fairly regular watering;
  • loosening, weeding and mulching of soil around grape bushes;
  • providing the plant with quality shelter for the winter period;
  • vine pruning;
  • systematic fertilizer application;
  • conducting a full range of protective measures.

Cropping is average. On each grape bush should be left no more than 45 eyes and 4 knots of substitution. Many experts recommend pruning a fruit vine long, by 8-14 eyes, but, as practice shows, it is allowed to carry out a short pruning, 3-4 eyes.

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Reviews of winegrowers

Reviews, data on the grapes of "Memory of Negrul" are mostly positive. The variety has a simple, but rich taste, while the harvest can be stored for a long time in a cool and dark room, without loss of basic taste characteristics and marketability. Ripening is observed annually around the first decade or mid-September. Berries ripen very beautiful, nipple-elongated.

Winegrowers note that in wet and rainy summer the berries take a longer shape than in hot weather. To prevent major diseases, it is enough to carry out two preventative treatments. Judging by the reviews, the yield of this variety is annual and stable. As a disadvantage, it is noted by many that as a result of long rains at the ripening stage, some berries can burst. The same problem, with the loss of about 20% of the crop, may occur if the irrigation regime is not observed in the phase of crop ripening.

Features of growing grapes "In memory of Negrul"

The grape variety "In Memory of Negrul" can be safely classified as demanded for cultivation in personal plots and in private gardens. However, in order to get a high yield, a rather large amount of effort should be made and agricultural technology should be followed, which is rather difficult for beginner growers.