Super grape variety called Super Extra

Super grape variety called Super Extra

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Super Extra grapes from amateur selection by E. G. Pavlovsky were obtained by crossing the Talisman variety with the Cardinal variety and a mixture of hybrid pollen.

Grade characteristics

Grapes "Super Extra" among the early forms of grapes are considered the most successful hybrid, which received the best qualities and characteristics from the parent line.

Biological description

A new hybrid form of grape called "Super Extra" refers to table varieties and is characterized by a very early ripening period. A fully ripened crop forms in about 110 days.

The vine bushes of this new hybrid are vigorous, with the formation of bisexual flowers, which positively affects pollination and the number of ovaries. The grapes are large enough with average weights from 500 to 700 g.

Technical characteristics of berries

Super Extra grape berries are large in size, with a characteristic, slightly egg-shaped, white color. The type and color of fully ripened berries is very similar to the berries of the popular Arcadia grape. The main difference between the varieties is the presence of a rougher peel and somewhat rustic, without frills taste in the Super Extra berries.

The average weight of a fully ripened berry is about 7 g, size about 25x21 mm. Taste good. The meaty and sufficiently juicy pulp has a pleasant and harmonious taste. The average sugar content is 10.5 g / 100 cubic meters. cm with an average acidity of 5.6 g / cu. dm.

Grapes "Super Extra": grade description

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Advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid

Grapes "Super Extra" refers to the newest hybrid forms. Description of the variety and the claimed characteristics allow us to note the following advantages:

  • bisexual flowering does not cause pollination problems;
  • berries are not observed;
  • good presentation;
  • high taste indices;
  • suitability for transportation, due to the presence of a strong skin on the berries;
  • relatively high resistance to the most common fungal diseases;
  • frost resistance (tolerates a decrease in temperature to -24 ° C).

The main disadvantage of Super Extra grapes is the presentation of the brush, which consists of different-sized berries. In one brush, medium, large and very large berries can be observed.

This hybrid form is submitted to the state variety test with the name "Citrine".

Grape planting

When planting Super Extra grape seedlings, you should adhere to the standard rules that are recommended for any hybrid forms:

  • about a day before planting, it is necessary to soak the root system of the seedling in water with the addition of a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate or growth stimulator "Humat";
  • just before planting, you should prune the roots and prune the shoot to 3-4 buds, leaving the most healthy and strong;
  • dip the root system of the seedling with part of the stem in the clay mash;
  • pour a mound of fertile soil into the planting pit and place the heel of the prepared seedling on it;
  • straighten the root system evenly and sprinkle it with fertile soil;
  • to compact the soil above the root system, water and add soil to the growth level.

During spring planting, seedlings should be shaded. Autumn planting requires shelter for the winter.

Care Features

Grapes "Super Extra" are very responsive to the care activities. The first month after planting, grape seedlings need weekly watering at the rate of 2-3 buckets per bush. In spring and autumn, mandatory water-charging irrigation is carried out with a significant amount of water. Simultaneously with the mandatory irrigation, preventive spraying of bushes from the most common diseases is carried out.

Besides, It is recommended to feed the plants at the beginning of the growing season. To do this, you can use both organic fertilizers and foliar fertilizing, which have an almost instant effect on the growth and development of the vine. It is best to use a combination of organics with mineral fertilizers such as potassium, phosphates and nitrogen components.

Pruning grape bushes should be carried out every fall. The shoots of the Super Extra vineyard are recommended to be shortened by 4-8 eyes.

Gardeners reviews

Most gardeners really liked the Super Extra hybrid form because of their strong growth, early maturity and excellent vine ripening. The grape bushes of this hybrid form do not like overloading with crops. The lack of rationing reduces the quality characteristics of berries and significantly lengthens the ripening time.

Really very good, tasty, beautiful in the photo and in kind Super Super grapes are appreciated by many gardeners and amateur winegrowers. The form is not very capricious, but loves the right load. It produces stepchildren from which it is possible to get an extra crop before autumn pruning. Taste absolutely suits lovers of good nutmegs.

How to grow grapes

According to most, the best grapes with such ripening dates and the weight of berries, as in the hybrid Super Extra form from the white grape category, have not yet been selected.