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Grapes "Radiant raisins": the best of seedless

Grapes "Radiant raisins": the best of seedless

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Grapes “Radiant Rhizome” grapes were bred by a group of researchers from the Moldavian Research Institute of Biotechnology and Biology and is a recognized leader in the category of seedless grape crops. This high-quality grade III seedless class of high-yielding grapes is popular not only among domestic but also foreign winegrowers. The description of the variety corresponds to the parent pair that was involved in the selection: grapes “Cardinal” and the popular variety “Kishmish pink”.

Grade characteristics

The grape variety "Radiant raisins" is characterized by an early-average ripening period and forms a crop in about 125-130 days. Plants are medium or tall. Leaves of medium size, light green staining, have a heart shape, medium cut, are located on long petioles.

The clusters have an attractive appearance. The size of the grape brush is often impressive: its length can exceed 40 cm. The shape is branched, cylindrical, with an extension in the end part, often lobed. The consistency is medium density or loose. The average weight of the brush is 0.5 kg, but in conditions of good care, the weight may exceed 1 kg.

The berries are medium, have a size of 2.2-2.5 x 1.7-2.2 cm. The mass varies from 3 to 4 g. The shape of the berry is elongated-oval. The skin is pinkish red. In order to increase the size of the berries, the use of "Gibberellin" is allowed. The pulp is characterized by density and harmonious taste. There is a light nutmeg shade in taste and aroma. Sugar content does not exceed 17-21%. Juice is characterized by acidity of 6-7 g / l.

Grade Advantages

Grapes with the name "Radiant raisins" is one of the largest fruit varieties in the seedless category with unobtrusive muscat and earned recognition due to its many advantages:

  • shoots are characterized by good ripening and fruiting in 50-70%;
  • the average number of clusters per shoot is 1.3-1.6;
  • indicators of average productivity reach 130-150 kg / ha;
  • frost resistance and immunity to diseases standard for European grapes;
  • the prevalence of mildew and oidium is medium;
  • susceptibility to gray rot is low;
  • average transportability;
  • the marketability of the crop is high;
  • pleasant taste and aroma with a muscat shade;
  • possibility of use for arched formations.

Excellent taste indices allow this variety to occupy the first places at tastings, due to which we can safely attribute the "Radiant mushrooms" to the best selection achievements in the category of seedless varieties.

Grapes "Radiant raisins": growing

Landing rules

For grapes “Radiant raisins” any planting techniques are good, but taking into account the soil and climatic features of a particular area. The standard rules for planting grape seedlings of this variety are as follows:

  • you need to get grape cuttings from the storage place about a month before planting and check what condition they are in;
  • planting annual seedlings can be carried out both in autumn, before the onset of frost, and in spring, before the buds open;
  • the root system of seedlings before planting is mandatory for at least 24 hours soaked in clean water or in a special solution of biostimulants;
  • after soaking the seedling, annual shoots are trimmed: if there are two shoots on the grape seedling, then each is cut into a pair of eyes, and if there is one shoot, pruning is done for 3-4 eyes;
  • grape seedlings or cuttings before planting is not recommended to be left in the fresh air, so it is best to take them to the place of planting in a container with a mashroom;
  • the grape’s root system is quite powerful, so the planting hole should be prepared large enough, approximately 0.8 x 0.8 m, but other sizes are possible, if the dimensions of the root system of the plant require it.

After planting, water the soil abundantly and mulch with sawdust, dried grass or foliage.

Care Features

When growing grape varieties "Radiant Quiche" it should be remembered that the presence of large grape brushes can cause overloading of the plant. It is required to provide a moderate load of the bush by shoots and to carry out rationing. The correct and regular implementation of green operations will help to maintain plant health and improve the quality of the crop. Trimming fruit vines is necessary for 4-6 eyes, as a result, the average load on one grape bush should be about 30-35 eyes or 20-25 shoots. This variety is very popular for arched and arbor formations.

"Radiant raisins" is characterized by exactingness to agricultural techniques and competent leaving.

  1. It is very important to control the timing of irrigation and the amount of water used. Irrigation measures are carried out from April 15 to October 15. After each watering, the soil should be leveled and well loosened.
  2. To provide the vineyard with the necessary nutrients, mineral and organic fertilizers are applied.
  3. The protection of grapes from pests and diseases is an indispensable component of the whole complex of agrotechnical measures for growing this crop.

The lack of resistance of this variety to diseases and pests requires the use of modern and effective drugs.

Name of facilityAppointmentMode of applicationFeatures
Abiga PeakMildew, anthracnose40 g per 10 l of waterFinal processing three weeks before harvest
PolychomeMildew, anthracnose40 g per 10 l of waterFinishing spraying three weeks before harvesting
"Topaz"Oidium3 g per 10 l of waterLast processing 10 days before harvest
VectraOidium3 ml per 10 l of waterFinishing spraying three weeks before harvesting
KarbofosPlant parasites80 g per 10 l of waterLast processing a month before harvest
"Karate"Plant parasites4 ml per 10 l of waterFinal spraying one month before harvesting

Reviews of winegrowers

Grapes Radiant grapes have a fairly high fruitfulness of the eyes, however, according to experienced winegrowers, long pruning and powerful formations on the bushes are preferable. It is also noted that in the spring, the eyes wake up quite late in comparison with most other sultanas. According to gardeners, the use of Gibberellin positively affects the quality and marketability of berries.

The seedlings are taken perfectly, the grape bush grows quickly and tolerates winter normally. However, winegrowers recommend providing the plant with high-quality shelter for the winter, as the "Radiant Raisin" relatively easily withstands frosts down to -18 ° С.

Berries really have excellent taste and very attractive appearance. Rudiments of grape seed practically do not occur. Harvested is suitable for long-term storage and drying.

Experienced winegrowers recommend paying special attention to the protection of grapes "Radius" from diseases, especially from mildew. In addition, the variety is susceptible to damage by the root phylloxera. The lack of resistance of grapes “Radiantis” to diseases involves the use of both basic and additional treatments.

How to care for grapes

Despite some disadvantages, the variety has long been a leader in popularity among winegrowers and consumers.