Grapes "Russian Concord": the best variety for the Northern region

Grapes "Russian Concord": the best variety for the Northern region

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Grapes "Russian Concord" refers to isabel varieties for universal use and is widely cultivated in the northern regions of Russia.

Grade characteristics

The variety is characterized by decorativeness and was obtained in 1947 as a result of crossing Concord grapes with Amur grapes. Russian Concord is a good alternative to the widespread Lydia variety.

Biological description

This isabelite variety of early ripening has medium resistance to low temperatures and is characterized by strong growth. The average time from the beginning of mass budding of the buds to the complete ripening of the crop is 126 days.

The plant forms large and rounded leaves with a slight degree of waviness, with a green color. The leaves are distinguished by a characteristic cobwebly pubescence of white color on the lower part and a three-lobed shape. Female-type flowers have an open lyre-shaped petiolar notch with a pointed bottom.

It is recommended to plant the Metallic variety or the Lydia variety as pollinators.

Technical specifications

Bunches are formed medium in size, cylindrical in shape, branched, with average density. The berries are large, rounded, dark red with a slight purple tint. The thin skin is covered with a medium-thick layer of spring.

The pulp of ripe berries is characterized by fleshy juiciness and slight mucousness. At the stage of full maturity, the berries have an acidity of 4 to 6 g / l and a sugar content of 15% to 18%.

The average yield varies from 4 to 6 kg per plant. Grapes can be used both fresh and for the preparation of juice or pickles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The grapes of the described variety are characterized by a number of significant advantages, among which:

  • frost resistance parameters from -27 ° С to -30 ° С;
  • good indicators of transportability;
  • average resistance to defeat by a disease such as mildew;
  • good level of ripening shoots;
  • average productivity during the growing season can vary from 70 to 80 kg / ha.

"Russian Concord" refers to the number of grape varieties with a short growing season, which is characterized by the early termination of shoot growth and their early ripening. Quite often, a variety is used to decorate arched structures, as well as arbors.

Russian Concord: Variety Features

Landing rules

When planting grape seedlings of this variety, it is necessary to carefully consider the following technology features:

  • the choice for planting grapes of the most protected place;
  • carrying out deep and high-quality pre-planting tillage;
  • the implementation of a sufficiently deep planting of seedlings: the optimal depth for planting hybrids - direct producers such as Lidia or Russian Concord is 50 cm;
  • installation in the middle of a dug and filled pit or trench of a 1.5 meter stake with a diameter of about 5 cm;
  • plant installation with the heel part on the south side of the support with the placement of 2-3 eyes below the ground and uniform distribution of the root system;
  • backfilling the roots of a planted seedling with soil and carefully tamping the soil around the plant.

Watering the planted seedlings follows at the rate of two or three buckets of water for each plant.

Care Features

The possibility of growing varieties in difficult climatic conditions of the northern region requires special agricultural technology.


Watering should be carried out as the soil dries to a sufficient depth. It should be remembered that any irrigation measures at the stage of ripening of grapes can provoke cracking of berries.

Particular importance is attached to the last autumn water recharge irrigation. After harvesting, but subject to the preservation of warm weather, you should water the plants at the rate of two buckets for each bush of grapes, which will allow them to easily adapt to the winter period.

Top dressing

Topping grapes should be performed 2 to 4 times a year. The first feeding is carried out in March. Fertilizer, which is applied when planting grapes, can ensure the normal development of plants during the first five years, regardless of the type of soil. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied twice a year: at the stage of active growth of shoots and after harvesting. Organic dressing is carried out using slurry or bird droppings. As potassium phosphorus fertilizer, ash can be used.


Bend the grapevine into a ring, as well as transfer the plant from vertical to horizontal for tying should be very careful to prevent breakage of the shoots.

The length of pruning fruit arrows should always be determined by the varietal characteristics of the grapes. FROMthe Russian Concord variety should be cut to 12 or 16 eyes. In the autumn, the pruning method depends on the degree of maturation, as well as the thickness of the shoots. Spring pruning involves assessing eye damage and the degree of freezing of the root system.

Diseases and Pests

“Russian Concord” refers to universal grape varieties with increased disease resistance. However, it is very important to carry out spring spraying of plants in order to fully protect against damage from diseases and pests:

  • from tick damage, you can use the drugs "Dnok", "Nitrafen", "Omayton" or "Neoron";
  • from mildew and mildew it is recommended to spray with "Quadris", "Cabriotope", "Strobi" or with the "Vectra" preparation.

Grape variety "Russian Concord" has medium resistance to disease and needs preventive spraying.

How to form a young grape bush

Gardeners reviews

For the most part, reviews from winegrowers about the Russian Concord variety are very positive. For gardeners, this grape is characterized as the most optimal for the northern regions non-covering variety with large and sweet berries. The plant is well established in harsh winters with significant frost.

Russian Concord is a large berry table-resistant frost-resistant grape variety with medium ripening periods and a very bright isabial flavor. The plant has good frost resistance and allows you to get a consistently high yield of berries when cultivated in the northern regions of our country.