Grapes "Russian early": unpretentious variety for the northern regions

Grapes "Russian early": unpretentious variety for the northern regions

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Early and unpretentious grape varieties are in demand on the territory of the northern regions, characterized by a short and not hot enough summer period. Grapes "Russian early" refers to such varieties.

Selection history

Grapes "Russian Early" is a variety with a very early ripening period. It is also known as Sweetie. This interesting form was derived as a result of the work of VNIIViV them. J.I. Potapenko. Russian breeders crossed the varieties Michurinets and Shasla Severnaya. The unconventional genetic basis has made the variety suitable for cultivation in vineyards located in the northern regions.

Description and photo of the variety

The variety can be recommended for cultivation in the Central and North-Western regions, as well as in the Far East and Siberia.

Bushes are characterized by strong growth. The ripening is friendly and early, occurs in less than four months. Brushes have a pronounced conical shape and average density. The length of each bunch can reach 25 cm. The average weight of the brush can vary depending on climatic conditions in the growing region. Most often, the mass of a bunch is 350-400 g.

The variety is characterized by a high yield and in the conditions of homestead cultivation it allows to collect about 20-25 kg of grapes from each bush.

The grapes of this variety store sugar well and have a very pleasant, harmonious taste. Acid is almost not felt. The average weight of one round-shaped berry can vary between 6-8 g. The pulp is juicy and with a characteristic crunch. Dyeing the skin with a blurry pinkish-lilac color. Sugar content varies from 17% to 21%, acidity does not exceed 7 g / l.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Russian Early variety is in demand among winegrowers by a significant number of advantages:

  • brushes can be stored on bushes for a long time without losing commercial qualities;
  • fully ripened grapes withstand transportation;
  • each fruitful shoot forms 2-3 inflorescences;
  • indicators of frost resistance reach -23 ° C;
  • relative resistance to defeat by mildew, oidium, gray rot and ticks.

It should be remembered that irregular watering, as well as heavy and prolonged rainfall, often provoke cracking of the grapes of this variety, which attracts wasps.

"Russian early": features of the variety

Landing Features

Planting of grades of the Russian Early variety is carried out in accordance with standard technology for most varieties. However, there are several features that must be considered when performing planting:

  • the bushes grow quite quickly, and for full development they require significant space, so about 5 m of free planting area should be allocated to each bush of grapes;
  • recommended to carry out the gazebo landing;
  • the depth of the landing pit should be about 50 cm;
  • it is allowed to plant grapes of this variety not only in spring but also in autumn.

The main distinguishing feature of the grades of the Russian Early variety is represented by the slow build-up of perennial wood, which implies a slight yield in the first five years, even when cultivated on very fertile soil and with strict adherence to agricultural technology. To a certain extent, such a situation can be changed for the better by timely and competent formation.

Shaping and trimming

The formation and pruning of the Russian Early grape bushes is carried out taking into account the following requirements:

  • formation is carried out with a significant margin for perennial wood;
  • pruning can be done both medium and short;
  • to get the largest clusters, leave no more than two inflorescences on the shoot;
  • with the withdrawal of sleeves and boles should not rush.

Particular attention is required to increase the diameter of the stem. A properly formed grape bush quickly enters full force. As a result, it is possible to obtain full-weighted clusters with large and evenly colored berries, which have excellent taste.

Gardeners reviews

The bushes are described by growers as vigorous. It is confirmed that, subject to standard systemic treatments, the vine is practically not sick and gives a really early harvest. Grapes are responsive to the correct formation and feeding using potash and phosphorus fertilizers. The vines mature quite well. Experienced growers assess the variety as stably productive, but note that the grapes and berries of this grape are small, especially in the early years.

Grapes "Russian early" has a harmonious taste and good indicators of sugar accumulation. The plant gives good yields, even with insufficiently competent care. Grapes of this variety are unpretentious and suitable for growing in areas where it is not always warm and long, favorable for vineyards in summer. It is such varieties, such as Russian Early, that are most often recommended to beginner growers in order to master the basic activities for the cultivation of grapes.

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