Cucumber "Claudine f1": improved qualities of the popular variety "Claudia F1"

Cucumber "Claudine f1": improved qualities of the popular variety "Claudia F1"

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A very early parthenocarpic hybrid cucumber "Claudine f1" is widely regarded by many as an improved form of cucumber called "Claudia F1". The hybrid form is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is intended for cultivation on ridges in open ground using temporary film shelter in household plots.

The early improved parthenocarpic hybrid of gherkin "Claudine-f1" is the achievement of the company Royal Sluis, which is very famous and popular among vegetable growers.

Grade description

For a long time, it was the Claudia variety that was popular with Russian gardeners, because formed "thin-skinned", with a pleasant and refreshing dessert taste, graceful and "miniature" greenery.

The plant forms medium-sized bushes, with well-growing shoots and bunch type of ovaries. The bushes are not only powerful, but also quite open, which contributes to a significant ease of caring for the plant and harvesting. The foliage is magnificent and powerful.

Fruits in length do not exceed 10-12 cm and have a cylindrical shape, as well as a tuberous surface of pronounced green color. All Zelentsy have a uniform shape, high quality indicators and dense texture. The average weight of one salable greens is 85 g. The pulp is without bitterness, juicy and very crispy, not only fresh, but also after processing. The variety is very productive, Zelentsy is tasty, sweet, crispy, with a perfect shape.

The hybrid form is characterized by good resistance to high temperature conditions and is characterized by field tolerance to the defeat of cladosporiosis. According to the originator, there is an intermediate resistance of the variety to the cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mildew. The total yield, subject to growing requirements and high agricultural technology reaches 9.8-10 kg / m².

Cucumbers: seeds for seedlings

Landing rules

Cucumber varieties "Claudine f1" requires the preparation of loose, fertile and porous soil. By the time of sowing seeds, night temperature indicators should not fall below 8-10 ° C heat. The hybrid form is recommended for cultivation on ridges in glass and film greenhouses, as well as tunnels. Allowed cultivation in the open ground. Both vertical and horizontal cultivation methods can be used.

Very well, the variety has established itself in the spring-summer culture turnover. Depending on the fertility of the soil, mineral fertilizers in the form of 20-25 g of ammonium nitrate, 30-40 g of superphosphate and 15-20 g of potassium sulfate per square meter should be applied a couple of weeks before sowing seeds.

The sowing pattern is 50x30 cm with a sowing depth of 2-3 cm. In order to protect against late frosts, it is recommended to temporarily cover the early crops with film on the arches.

Care Features

Gardeners noted the unpretentiousness of cucumber "Claudine f1", as well as its high level of resistance to a variety of adverse natural factors. To get a good harvest without significant material and physical costs, you need to follow these simple recommendations:

  • if necessary, after emergence, thinning of the plants should be carried out, while the weakest ones should be removed;
  • at the fruiting phase, the soil should be moistened quite abundantly, from a standard calculation of about 2.5-3 liters per square meter;
  • with insufficient development and growth of cucumber bushes, it is recommended to feed with any nitrogen fertilizer, including urea, ammonia or potassium nitrate, as well as ammophos at the rate of 8 g per bucket of water.

The main measures for the care of cucumbers are, in addition to thinning, watering and top dressing, also in loosening the soil, weeding weeds, pinching the shoots in order to form a plant and increase productivity. Harvesting is carried out as the greens are ripened, which contributes to a longer and more abundant fruiting.

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Reviews gardeners

Cucumber varieties "Claudine f1" earned the most laudatory reviews, so it has every chance to take pride of place among the most beloved hybrid forms in Russian gardeners. The hybrid is characterized as mid-season and very resistant to a whole range of diseases, and also guarantees high productivity. Zelentsy of this hybrid is ideal for pickling, canning and fresh consumption.

The variety is very reliable, has excellent germination and even in lean years forms a lot of marketable gherkins. Strict observance of all agrotechnical requirements for care during the growing season guarantees yields, which very often are even higher than those declared by the producer of seed material.

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