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Potato "Ilona": a novelty from the company "Sedek"

Potato "Ilona": a novelty from the company "Sedek"

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The mid-early high-yielding potato "Ilona" has not yet received sufficient distribution among gardeners in our country. The variety is not included in the State Register of Russia. Seed material is sold by the originator - agricultural company "Sedek". The average harvest ripening time is 70-90 days.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Ilona" is characterized by gardeners as a very promising variety, successful for cultivation for personal consumption, as well as sale as an early vegetable product.

The value of the Ilona variety is the ability to quickly form aligned, marketable tubers with excellent taste and universal use. The size of the potato of this variety is medium, the shape is oval or elongated-oval, the skin is light, beige-yellow, there are superficial eyes. The pulp is white, starchy, crumbly, has excellent taste.

Landing rules

When planting potatoes of the Ilona variety, it is advisable to adhere to generally accepted rules that prescribe the following sequential measures:

  • preparation of seed material by size sorting, followed by germination in the light and treatment with disinfectants and plant growth and development stimulants;
  • soil preparation, including high-quality digging and subsequent leveling of the surface, as well as digging along the cord of the planting holes and filling them with quality humus with wood ash;
  • planting of pre-prepared, germinated and processed tubers, followed by leveling the plot with a rake.

Landing should be carried out when the soil is heated to a temperature of 8-10 ° C to a depth of half a bayonet bayonet. The best soil for potatoes has pH values ​​of 5.5-6.0, light or medium particle size distribution, a fairly high humus content. The most suitable plot for this vegetable crop is characterized by loose, fertile, sandy loamy soil with a deep arable layer.

Care Features

Hilling, cultivating, weeding weeds, top dressing and, if necessary, irrigation are the main agrotechnical measures for caring for potatoes of any variety. When growing Ilona potatoes, a number of conditions must be met:

  • the first inter-row processing of potatoes is carried out by cultivation, which prevents drying of the soil and ensures the removal of weeds;
  • watering is carried out only if there is no atmospheric precipitation, and there is also an overdrying of the soil to a considerable depth;
  • hilling of potatoes is performed after the height of the tops is at the level of 15-20 cm over the entire area of ​​planting;
  • with sufficiently fertile, high-quality fertilized soil in the autumn and spring, the need to use a large number of fertilizers disappears, and for feeding, manure, bird droppings and wood ash should be used.

Mass harvesting of potatoes should begin after massive yellowing and lodging of tops. The laying for storage is carried out only after quality drying and visual inspection of the tubers.

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Potato growers reviews

Many potato growers were forced to abandon the cultivation of this variety due to the fact that Ilona is quite demanding on soil and climatic conditions. When growing potatoes from seed material from the SeDek company by seedlings, a very high level of germination is observed and the plants do not stretch even in poor lighting conditions.

Weather resistant potato varieties

The number of reviews on the potato "Ilona" is small, since it belongs to the category of new and not too common among gardeners. The few opinions unanimously classify the variety as elite.