Potatoes "Bentier": a variety with a century of history

Potatoes "Bentier": a variety with a century of history

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Potato Bentier, or Bintier, authored by AGRICO, or Agrico, The Netherlands, combines excellent palatability and high yields. Among experienced potato growers, this variety is characterized as reliable, forming stable and high-quality crops.

Grade description

The Bentier variety, or cultivar Bintje, was bred by the breeder de Vries in 1905 as a result of crossbreeding of such well-known potato varieties as Munstersen and Fransen. Potatoes "Bentier" refers to varieties of medium early ripening, which allows you to enjoy vegetable products in the first decade of August.

The stem part is thick, with a strong anthocyanin in the internodes. The leaves are long, with a medium section. Flowering is weak. Corollas of flowers are small, white. Berry formation is not observed. Potato bushes of this variety are erect, of medium height, well leafy. The tubers are medium in size, have an elongated oval shape, are covered with yellowish-beige, smooth skin and are distinguished by small eyes. Sprouts of bluish-violet color.

The average weight of a commodity tuber is about 115 g. The pulp is yellow. The starchiness of the pulp does not exceed the level of 14.9%. Tuber shelf life is average.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato "Bentier" is a traditional Dutch potato variety and has the following undeniable advantages:

  • high and early productivity;
  • marketability of tubers up to 87%;
  • taste is very good;
  • the flesh does not darken when peeling and slicing;
  • immunity to viral diseases;
  • medium-high resistance to late blight of tubers and tops;
  • Suitable for processing into french fries and chips.

This variety is among the non-resistant, therefore, it is necessary to carry out high-quality preparation of planting material.

What kind of potato to choose

Landing rules

Due to some biological features, potatoes of the Bentier variety need competent preparation for planting and has some landing features:

  • Before planting, rhizoctoniosis should be carried out by fumigation of seed potatoes with bulk checkers called “Whist” or sprayed with a very effective “TMTD” product that protects tubers from scab, rot and late blight.
  • The pre-planting treatment of tubers with the Maxim drug or with the Kulfugo Super product, which is the final preparatory stage after germination, has a good effect.
  • To protect plants from scab, to which potatoes of the Bentier variety do not always show sufficient resistance, you should spray the soil when planting prepared tubers with Quadrice.
  • The plot for growing potatoes should be completely cleared of weeds, and well plowed so that the soil is as loose and suitable for cultivation of this vegetable crop.
  • Planting is carried out in rows, with a distance between them of 70 cm, and between plants - 25-35 cm.

Care Features

A potato called "Bentier" is known for its responsiveness to high agricultural technology and forms the highest, high-quality crop, while observing the requirements for caring for this popular vegetable crop:

  1. The most important condition for proper care is the removal of weeds, followed by loosening of the soil, which allows to increase the air permeability of the soil, which is especially important after wetting.
  2. The variety does not need to use a significant amount of chemical means for spraying plants during the growing season, but it is advisable to carry out two preventative treatments with such means as Alirin-B or Gamair, for the first time after germination, and then after 10 days.
  3. Hilling of plants is of great importance when raising the tops to a height of 15-20 cm, and the last hilling is carried out before the closure phase of potato tops.
  4. To tubers in a short time covered with a dense and durable peel, which will be resistant to mechanical damage and will allow the crop to be used for long-term storage, it is recommended to mow the tops two weeks before harvesting.

Reviews gardeners

After analyzing the responses of summer residents, we can conclude that the variety is characterized by the formation of sufficiently large tubers with dense pulp and somewhat neutral taste indicators. Potato "Bentier" refers to universal varieties and is perfect for frying, salads, mashed potatoes, pancakes, as well as most other dishes based on potatoes.

According to gardeners, potatoes of the Bentier variety are very pleasing to all potato growers whose household plots are affected by fungal diseases. This variety is characterized by excellent resistance to the most common pathogens in our country.

In addition, like most Dutch varieties, Bentier is a high-quality table variety that is also in demand for processing into semi-finished products. The variety compares favorably with a well-aligned potato nest, in which smooth tubers are formed, having not only a very attractive appearance, but also, of course, good taste.

How to prepare potatoes for planting