Tasty lush charlotte with apples in the oven: the best recipes, especially baking

Tasty lush charlotte with apples in the oven: the best recipes, especially baking

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  • Cooking time: 20-25 min;
  • 8 servings
  • 142 calories
  • Protein / Fat / Carbohydrate 3.7 g / 2.5 g / 24 g.

Charlotte - a fragrant apple pie with a golden brown crust and magnificent dough. There are so many cooking options for this popular pastry. Having completed a number of simple successive steps, you will get an excellent result and delight your home with a wonderful dessert.

Lush apple charlotte: oven-baked

Traditionally, the recipe for this delicious pie contains flour, fresh eggs, granulated sugar and apples. Each housewife over time adds to the main recipe something different - baking powder, sour cream, butter or margarine, various flavors. But for starters, it's nice to cope with baking charlotte according to the basic recipe.

Classic Charlotte Recipe: Photorecept

For 4-5 medium-sized sweet and sour apples, you need to take:

  • one glass of flour;
  • one cup of granulated sugar;
  • four fresh chicken eggs;
  • to increase the splendor of the pie, you can add half a teaspoon of the finished baking powder or the same amount of ordinary soda, slaked vinegar or lemon juice.

In the case of preparation according to this recipe, the dough is light and airy, the cake is baked well and gets on the table, decorated with a delicious ruddy crust.

Recipe options allow you to add half a glass of sour cream of medium density. In this case, the dough is a little more dense and less airy.

Step by Step Cooking

  1. The oven should gradually warm to 180 degrees. At this time, grease our baking dish with oil (margarine or vegetable) so that the finished cake does not stick to the walls, sprinkle with flour, semolina or breadcrumbs.
  2. Peel apples and seeds. We cut them arbitrarily - slices, quarters or thick straws. The most important thing is that the cut is as identical as possible.
  3. We prepare the dough - with a mixer or a hand whisk, beat the eggs with sugar until the mass increases in volume by about two to three times. If the recipe includes sour cream, we introduce it in small portions, continuing to whisk. Once your dough has become uniformly lush, gradually introduce the flour. The consistency of the finished product should resemble a rather thick sour cream. At the end of the process, add the baking powder. It is worth noting that many housewives prepare the dough without it, relying on saturation of the mass with oxygen bubbles due to well beaten eggs.
  4. Pour a little dough into the prepared form, put sliced ​​apples on it. Pour the rest and place the pie in the oven for 40-50 minutes.
  5. After about 25 minutes, it is worth checking the degree of baking readiness with a wooden skewer. If the skewer is dry and clean, your cake is ready. Take it out of the oven and call the guests to the table.

You can add various seasonal fruits to the basic recipe - plums, pears, peaches, apricots, etc. You can also experiment with flavorings. Vanillin, rum essence, citrus zest, various spicy herbs in reasonable quantities enrich the taste of the cake and bring a touch of personality. Have a nice discovery!

A recipe for lush charlotte on sour cream: a video recipe

Secrets of a delicious cake step by step

If you use these tips, baking will always be successful. Some housewives believe that charlotte is a “moody” cake: sometimes the dough hardly rises or bakes poorly. Perhaps this is because the following baking features are not taken into account when making the dessert.

  • To dispense with a baking powder, beat the chilled proteins and egg yolks with sugar separately. Add proteins to the finished dough at the final stage, in small portions.
  • Never put the cake in a cold oven. Start heating it up to 180 degrees at the stage of preparing the dough.
  • The baking dish should ideally be thick-walled - so the dough is baked evenly and will not burn.
  • Add baking powder or slaked soda to the dough at the very end of the batch.
  • If you add juicy berries to apples, pre-roll them in starch. So their juice does not spoil the dough with excess moisture and the berries are evenly distributed in the cake.
  • Never open the oven in the first 20 minutes of baking charlotte. The dough will fall and the cake will be spoiled.

European classic: what charlotte is made of

The classic recipe for charlotte was created in Western Europe. According to various sources, this happened in England or in France. The recipes are united by the fact that they are created on the basis of charlotte cream, from beaten eggs, sugar and milk. The English version proposes to use as a basis stiffened white bread, previously soaked in a milk-egg mixture. Slices of bread are placed in a prepared form, covered with prepared apples, add another layer of "dough" and pour the rest of the cream. After baking, delicious charlotte falls onto the table, with whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

The French recipe is distinguished by the lack of baking a pie. Pieces of ready-made biscuit or Savoyardi cookies are placed in the mold, apples (raw or baked) are added, the cream is poured on an egg-milk base and cooled until it hardens.

Any recipe can be varied with flavors, fresh fruits, candied fruits.

Interesting Facts

  • The first charlotte was made from stale white bread.
  • To make the finished charlotte not pale, add a little melted dark chocolate to the dough.
  • If you add cinnamon, a little ground ginger in the manufacture of charlotte, this will give a new flavor to the dessert.
  • To make the baking airy, you must first beat the eggs, then add sugar, and only then sifted flour.

Charlotte on kefir: video recipe

It doesn’t matter which recipe you choose today. The cake will certainly turn out delicious, lush and mouth-watering, if you cook it according to our recommendations. Have a nice tea party!