Potato "Breeze": a wonderful variety from Belarus

Potato "Breeze": a wonderful variety from Belarus

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Middle early table breeze potato bred by Belarusian breeders. The patent holder for this variety is the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Potato and Horticulture.

Grade description

Potato "Breeze" forms bushes of medium height, intermediate type, semi-upright. The corolla is of medium size, red-violet. The leaves are large, intermediate type, green in color. The total yield reaches 395 kg / ha.

The tubers are oval, covered with a skin of medium smoothness. Eyes of medium depth. The weight of the tuber is up to about 155 g. The pulp in the section is yellow in color and contains 10–15.8% starch. Potatoes ripen in the medium to early. The period from the appearance of seedlings to the technical maturity of tubers is 70-90 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato "Breeze" is not only unpretentious in cultivation, but also characterized by the early formation of tubers, and is also easy to dry clean and pack. The variety description gives an idea of ​​the following benefits:

  • high and very stable productivity;
  • the palatability is very good, and the tasting score of boiled potatoes is 7 points;
  • high commodity indicators of tubers;
  • the variety is resistant to the causative agent of potato cancer and golden potato cyst-forming nematode;
  • not affected by the wrinkled and banded mosaic virus;
  • no twisting of leaves.

The variety is well suited for various types of processing, and also has unsurpassed qualities when used in a table setting.

The best varieties of potatoes

Landing rules

Potato varieties "Breeze" should be planted after the soil is sufficiently warmed to a standard depth, adhering to the following landing technology:

  • pre-planting preparation of tubers, which consists in the selection of seed potatoes with their subsequent germination and treatment with disinfecting and stimulating compounds;
  • pre-planting preparation of the soil, which consists in re-digging the site, which was processed in the autumn period;
  • pre-planting cleaning of the site from weeds with a digging of planting holes or trenches, which depends on the type of soil and the chosen method of planting potatoes;
  • filling in holes or trenches of humus and ash in order to create the most favorable conditions for the growth and development of potatoes;
  • immersion of prepared and sprouted tubers in holes or trenches on a nutrient embankment, followed by sprinkling with soil.

You should remember the rules of crop rotation and return potatoes to their former place of cultivation no more than once every three years. The standard width between the rows of potatoes should be at least 70-75 cm, which contributes to the most effective plant care throughout the growing season.

Care Features

When cultivating a potato with the name "Breeze", you can be calm for its high yield even in conditions of insufficient care and in the presence of adverse weather factors. It is possible to get a high and high-quality crop during standard agricultural activities:

  1. Keeping the potato field clean and timely removing any weeds that not only pick up nutrients from the soil, but also serve as a source of the spread of diseases and plant parasites.
  2. Maintaining the soil in a loose state through regular surface loosening of the soil between the rows, which is especially important after weeding, irrigation or rain.
  3. Fertilizing three times per season, among which it is recommended to give preference to bird droppings, rotted manure and wood ash; in the presence of insufficient development and the formation of too weak plants, it is advisable to use foliar top dressing.
  4. It is very important to monitor the condition of the soil and at the first signs of overdrying, especially at the stage of active budding and mass flowering of potatoes, to carry out irrigation measures in the form of irrigation on furrows or sprinkling.
  5. Despite the high resistance to diseases and pests, it is recommended to carry out 2 preventive spraying with insecticides and fungicides or use non-chemical, folk remedies for processing that do not adversely affect the quality of vegetable products.
  6. A good effect, contributing to a faster ripening of tubers, has an early removal of tops. It is recommended to mow potato tops not earlier than two weeks before harvesting.

Reviews of gardeners

Most often, the reviews of professional potato growers, farmers and gardeners about potato varieties "Breeze" are very positive. Among the main characteristics that allow you to highly evaluate this potato variety are its resistance to the most common diseases and high yield regardless of the cultivation region. In addition, it was noted that, subject to the temperature regime, as well as the optimal humidity regime in the storage, the variety shows a very high keeping quality and remains practically without loss until spring.

It is also important that the tubers are medium in size and large and have an attractive presentation. Even in the absence of the most favorable weather conditions for the growth and development of potatoes, the percentage of formation of small and deformed tubers is minimal.

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