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Opinion about Vietnamese Whiskers

Opinion about Vietnamese Whiskers

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Hello dear gardeners and boys! Please write, who held or is holding Vietnamese loose-bellied pigs, is it worth it to start them or not?


I recently bought a Vietnamese pregnant pig, in a month to give birth. At first glance, a good cattle, like a dog. I’m also interested in the opinion of “experienced”! I have it very small, pregnant, and weighs 40 kg and is below the knee. Former owners, they say that purebred Vietnamese should be like that. In general, I have a pig of "cold" storage - it will fit entirely!

A good option for those who want to keep a pig and have the least amount of problems. Less odor when kept. Can be kept indoors all year round, for example, in an aviary. In season, a large proportion of the diet is grass. I have one-year-old pigs weighing about 100 kg + -10 kg. You can bring up to 120 kg, if planted for fattening. The meat is tasty and not fatty. I can name a minus a thin layer of fat. Well, this is an amateur 🙂

Thank you very much. That's what meat is tasty and not fatty, that's good. So we’ll try to start

Tell me, can they also do digging like regular pigs?

No, they do not dig at all!

It is very good

We have been holding for 4 years. There is little meat on them, for that there is a lot of fat and soooo tasty and tender, it simply conceals in the mouth. Keeping without a shed is a mockery of an animal t. To their usual habitat climate where 20-40 degrees. Mine doesn’t go outside in the winter, although they have a way out of it, they lay it with hay so that it wouldn’t blow it. This breed is good for the family (not for selling meat). You can take a look at my pictures.

They are very friendly. My (pigs) even got a kitten. Mimicry just rolls over when you see how a healthy hog puts it on the heel of a nut. Or when the kitty basks on the back of the boar

Thank you very much, I’ll definitely get such pigs. And what is the weight of a monthly piglet? And when and through how much can you cut?

I don’t know the weight, they are all different, some are bigger, some are smaller. You’ll choose to see that the ass was not narrow but round and if from under the boobs take those who suck their back boobs they are nourishing than those who suck closer to their front paws. Eating is not whimsical. Mine eat everything, mixed feed, boiled potatoes, leftovers, grass, tree branches, in general everything. By 7-8 months you can cut with us, the pig came out in a clean (without head, legs, skin, intestines) weight of 35 kg

Thanks for the detailed answer.