Strawberry "Figaro": a new high-yielding variety

Strawberry "Figaro": a new high-yielding variety

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The high-yielding Figaro garden strawberry variety was bred fifteen years ago in the Netherlands. "Figaro" refers to the varieties of short daylight hours, which makes it very popular for gardeners to grow on household plots in most regions of our country.

Grade description

The characteristics and description of the varieties of Figaro garden strawberries make it possible to appreciate its potential capabilities. Powerful erect plants have large, light green leaves. Peduncles are strong, with no more than eight flowers, located high above the leaves. Berries of very large sizes, weighing more than 20 g, cone-shaped neat shape, with a characteristic luster. The red-orange peel covers the red flesh.

The variety has excellent resistance to diseases of the root system and damage by gray rot. The moderate sensitivity of plants to powdery mildew is characteristic. In the midland of Russia, Figaro garden strawberry tolerates the winter season very well.

Abundant fruiting of strawberries is observed throughout the month. The average productivity of the Figaro variety is one of the highest among medium-late and late-ripening varieties.

Features of growing strawberries

Landing rules

Strawberries of the Figaro variety are recommended to be planted in lighted, well-cultivated and fertile areas. It is best to plant in early spring, as autumn planting can cause a significant decrease in yield.

When planting strawberries, it is very important to observe the following requirements:

  • the soil intended for planting strawberry seedlings should be loose, fertile, breathable and have neutral pH values;
  • the soil on the site for growing strawberries should be enriched with useful substances, among which organic play an important role: high-quality humus and last year's compost;
  • it is recommended to plant seedlings on ridges in a checkerboard pattern with a distance of 20-25 cm between plants;

  • in areas prepared for planting strawberries, water should not stagnate, both in spring and in the autumn-winter period;
  • planting should be carried out in cloudy, and best of all in rainy weather, which guarantees the fastest survival of plants;
  • well-prepared landing holes should have dimensions corresponding to the root system of strawberry bushes;
  • the root system of the seedlings should be neatly spread throughout the hole;
  • after planting in open ground, planting of strawberry should be covered with Agrotex type material.

It is undesirable to grow garden strawberries for a long time in the same area: after five years, it should be changed. High yield of marketable berries is observed in the first two years of cultivation in one place. It is necessary to plant garden strawberries on the previous site no earlier than two years later.

Growing recommendations

When caring for wild strawberries of the Figaro variety, it is very important to remember the following rules for its cultivation:

  • large-fruited and highly productive strawberries need constant watering, this is especially important in hot and dry weather;
  • the use of a drip irrigation system, which doses the access of water to the root system of plants and evenly moistens plantings, gives a good result;
  • during fruiting, strawberries should be watered very carefully so that excess moisture does not provoke falling of the ovaries;
  • fertilizers are applied after watering;

  • if chicken manure is used for feeding, then it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20;
  • the use of special fertilizer for strawberries, which should be applied according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, shows a very high efficiency;
  • ridges of strawberries should be weeded and loosened periodically.

After harvesting, you need to prepare strawberry bushes for the winter, having carried out the most necessary measures: removing old and diseased foliage, spraying with insect-fungicides, mulching and shelter.

Gardeners reviews

According to gardeners, the main advantage of Figaro strawberries is a large yield of marketable crops and a very low percentage of deformed berries. In addition, strawberries of this variety are perfectly transported and can be stored for a long time.

How to grow strawberries under hay

Such characteristics as large-fruited, density of berry pulp, external attractiveness and very beautiful bright orange color of berries, allow this strawberry variety to be cultivated as an industrial one. Garden wild strawberry "Figaro" is really very good, and it can be safely recommended for cultivation on personal plots.