The technology of growing strawberries in a barrel

The technology of growing strawberries in a barrel

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Growing strawberries in a barrel is not an innovative technology, but it is a fairly popular option for cultivating the most beloved and popular berry among gardeners. The advantages that determine the popularity of this method, the use of a standard barrel as a landing tank is quite a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Growing garden strawberries in a barrel using the so-called vertical ridges method is in demand among gardeners and gardeners due to the following advantages:

  • a barrel-bed practically does not need any weeding, since the conditions are unfavorable for the growth of weeds;
  • there is no need to carry out such agrotechnical procedures as hilling of strawberry bushes and loosening of the soil;
  • ripening berries do not fall to the ground, and the gardener at the time of harvesting receives an absolutely clean berry;
  • minimized risk of damage to bushes by the most common diseases and insect pests.

It is very important to consider that barrels made from chemicals, fuels and lubricants, as well as containers used to store or transport herring are completely unsuitable for cultivating garden strawberries.

Instructions for preparing the barrel for landing

Growing garden strawberries in a barrel is convenient and practical. For this purpose, it is allowed to use a variety of barrels in terms of material, volume, size and shape. Preparing such a container for planting strawberries is not difficult. It is enough to perform a few simple manipulations:

  • the landing container should be washed, if necessary, remove the paper or film marking on the surface and paint the barrel from the outside;
  • to draw on the sides of the barrels marking areas of the location of strawberry bushes in a checkerboard pattern, maintaining an optimal distance of about 15-18 cm between plants;

  • marking the planting cells for strawberry seedlings, it is worthwhile to adhere to optimal sizes - no more than 5 x 5 cm, which will allow you to hold the soil inside the barrel and will not have a negative impact on the root system of the grown plants;
  • holes should be carefully cut out at the designated areas, and the edges of the metal or plastic should be carefully cut or bent inside the barrel.

A barrel of 200 liters comfortably accommodates approximately 28-30 adult garden strawberry bushes. It is recommended to drain the bottom of the container or use a barrel without a bottom. All sides of such a "bed" should be well lit by the sun.

For uniform water supply to the root system of plants, vertical drainage is installed from a pipe drilled in several places. The entire space between the walls of the barrel and the drainage pipe is filled with high-quality soil.

Features of growing strawberries in a barrel

Soil mix requirements

In order to grow garden strawberries in a vertical way, you must first take care of the correct contents for planting containers. You can use both ready-made soil intended for cultivation of garden plants and a self-made soil mixture comprising 2/3 of turf land and 1/3 of sand with the addition of wood ash, organic and mineral fertilizers. Also, for vertical cultivation of strawberries, soil consisting of meadow turf, two-year-old compost, peat and rotted manure, taken in equal parts, is well suited. The soil should be loose and fertile.

Growing strawberries in a barrel requires the proper planting of seedlings. Do not overburden seedlings. The central kidney should be at ground level. The soil must be sufficiently moist before planting. After planting, the soil must be thoroughly compacted, and from the bushes it is necessary to remove the weakest and excess leaves.

The best varieties of strawberries for growing in a barrel

Growing strawberries in a barrel is easy enough. However, special attention requires the right choice of varieties of this berry culture. Many new strawberry varieties of both domestic and foreign selection are suitable for vertical "plantations", and the best of them show maximum yield with minimal care.

Grade nameGrade characteristicsGrade Features
“Balcony Charm”It has compact bushes, a small number of mustaches. Berries weighing up to 30 g, dense and beautifulHigh-yielding and promising variety of German breeding. Fruiting until late autumn
“Homemade delicacy”Very large, dense, beautiful berries with excellent taste.Practically does not form a mustache, but reproduces perfectly by dividing the bush and seeds
AlyubaThe plant forms relatively large raspberry red berries until late autumn.Excellent ampel plant with very long and elastic peduncles and thick mustache
TributeBerries are large, beautifully rounded obtuse with half-pressed seeds, juicy and fragrantA popular American variety, very fruitful
"Geneva"Very large, weighing up to 70 g, dense, fragrant dark red berries of excellent tasteThe plant has a long thick mustache, strong elastic peduncles, characterized by high productivity
FreestarForms a dense, juicy, rich red color and a pleasant sweet taste with a delicate creamy pulp of berriesThe most plastic and unpretentious grade

Care Features

When grown in a barrel, garden strawberries feel quite comfortable. The plant needs the following care measures:

  • during the first month after planting, you must remove all mustaches and peduncles, which will allow you to develop a strong and powerful strawberry bush;
  • the soil in such a landing tank dries somewhat faster than on standard ridges of open soil, so it is necessary to carry out more frequent and plentiful irrigation;
  • to prevent damage to the bushes with fungal diseases, it is recommended to spray strawberry plantings on a leaf with a solution based on Fitosporin or Alirina-B;
  • foliar top dressing with the preparation of biological origin “Gumi” will make it possible to nourish the plants and have a favorable effect on productivity.

Irrigation measures are carried out a couple of times a week, pouring warm water into the barrel from above. Inadequate moisture causes the plants to wilt, but with excessive moisture, fruiting deteriorates.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the Dutch technology for growing strawberries.

Reviews of summer residents

Experienced summer residents, who have already managed for several years to test this method of growing berry crops in their garden plots, express mixed opinions about it. Judging by the reviews, the method has not only advantages, but also very obvious disadvantages:

  • strawberry bushes planted in the upper part of the barrel very often suffer from a lack of moisture;
  • plants grown in the lower part of the tank, on the contrary, are negatively affected by a large amount of moisture and lack of air.

Optimal for growth and development can be considered the conditions that get plants grown in the middle of the structure. In general, with an optimal barrel arrangement and a competent irrigation regime, vertical cultivation of garden strawberries shows good results.

Strawberry growing technology

The vertical placement of strawberries is primarily suitable for those gardeners who do not have enough space on the garden for the traditional cultivation of this berry crop. The lack of need for activities such as weeding and loosening makes this method very attractive. It must be remembered that strawberry bushes grown in barrels must be replaced every two or three years.